Rafa Benitez set for early return to England after ‘frustrating’ spell in China – Report

Rafa Benitez might’ve only left for China to start a new ‘project’ only a year ago, but he’s already eyeing a return to England according to reports.

The Spaniard is struggling to get results for Dalian Yifang this season, despite them having some serious quality; including Marek Hamsik and former NUFC man Salomon Rondon – who has been banging in the goals.

They’ve won just two out of fourteen games this season so far are in risk of being relegated from the Chinese first tier.

According to The Independent, he’s ‘frustrated’ at Dalian and ‘dreams of competing at the top level once again’, lining up a return to European football as he plans to continue managing for another ‘decade’.

It’s quite a strange revelation – Benitez professed that he was going to be in China for the long term and admired the project that the Dalian board had offered to him.

His dreams of a long-term project are quickly evaporating and its rumoured that he’ll leave China at the first opportunity when his contract expires next summer.

If he was to return to Europe and the Premier League, it would be so painful to see him manage another Premier League side.

Would you take him back? I certainly would.

8 thoughts on “Rafa Benitez set for early return to England after ‘frustrating’ spell in China – Report

  1. Rafa is quality.
    A 5 Star manager.
    You could see the formation on the pitch. Drilled.
    Efficient, a bit boring because we lacked quality but professional

    I have know idea what we are doing now.
    The only time we get points is when it looks like they revert to play in “Rafa´s Style” or by flukes.

    Bruce is awful.


  2. Benitez is clearly a failure. He has won trophies in the past based on inherited teams in bog spending clubs. His record in China sums him up.


  3. Why do people constantly pipe Rafa off? The guy played us, hoped fan pressure would get the fat man to agree to give him more control over his club, which he knew from everyone who’s dealt with Ashley telling him it wasn’t going to happen, so much so he already had his move away planned.

    Bruce is tactically inept, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and loves the club, can’t fault him for trying.


  4. I don’t want rafa anywhere my beloved nufc!! Most overated manager I’ve seen. Stay away. My personal choice before Bruce was martinez.


  5. A top manager would make a average team great. Alex Ferguson, bobby Robson. They got on with it and didn’t complain. Rafa I found was narcissistic, he looked for holes to complain about. He had big plans in china his ship is sinking oh what shall I do oh I’ll leave, same story, he will never change.


  6. Ship in sinking in china, awww what a shame, oh what shall I do, hmmm leave the club, rafa is narsitisic, big dreams fall fast. Over rated, cant make an average team great when he hasnt got the money, rafa quoted “it’s not about money it’s about making the team of players gel” he is a joke of a magnet, please dont come back to newcastle Judas.


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