Incredible results as 4,200 fans are asked – “Will you pay £14.95 to watch NUFC vs Man Utd?”

A monumental 97% of NUFC fans have voted that they will not be paying the £14.95 pay-per-view rate to view our game against Manchester United on the 17th October.

We ran the poll on Twitter – with a colossal 4,200 Newcastle fans getting involved to cast their vote on the controversial topic.

Here’s the final results:

Based on the mass protests seen on social media, I can’t say I’m at all surprised about this result.

The only thing I could question is how 3% of fans can see the reason in paying the extortionate fee, especially after so many of us have already been charged for season tickets and Sky Sports subscriptions!

Many of us will support Newcastle through thick and thin, spending hundreds on our seasons tickets and just as much on away days throughout the year. But we won’t be held ransom by the Premier League for a second longer.

The fee charged by these companies is ridiculous, and for the 97%, it’s crossed the line.

However hard it may be, let’s hope that the majority don’t end up paying the money – and then maybe Sky & BT will drop the insane idea.

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7 thoughts on “Incredible results as 4,200 fans are asked – “Will you pay £14.95 to watch NUFC vs Man Utd?”

  1. I for one will not be paying SKY or BT for watching games . £14.95 Its sheer greed by the Premier League so i will be one of the 97% not paying this, in fact you can shove your subscriptions where the sun doesn’t shine, instead of charging this start giving lower division clubs who are in trouble some monies from the Premier League to stop them from going out of business, televise there games and give them the tv money end of….


  2. Another thing for the media to feed off.

    Desperate times all round.

    Here Is a thought……why don’t all premier league players sacrifice 1 weeks wages for grass roots football to keep going.

    Too much too ask the media to do anything positive?


  3. This is the pigs with their noses in the trough. I am seriously thinking of cancelling my Sky and BT Sports in disgust!


  4. I won’t be paying £14.95 to watch the Man U game next Saturday night because it’s already planned to be shown by SKY.
    I’d happily pay the money at any other time to watch the Lads, though!


  5. Some of us live away and take every opportunity to see a minute of toon, not everyone is so lucky to have the opportunity of rolling up every week and by the same measure the hurt of doing the same


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