“A wealthy takeover at NUFC? They won’t let that happen…Why would they?!” – Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton has hit the nail on the head when speaking about ‘Project Big Picture’ – and what it will mean for any potential Newcastle United takeover.

Speaking on the BBC 5 Live’s ‘Monday Night Club’ podcast, Sutton claims that the Premier League are at risk of creating a ‘cartel’ and ruining all potential future competition – which he argues is the Premier League’s best feature.

In his opinion, the cartel will be created in the future – due to the new power the top six will have to veto any takeover.

Speaking directly about Newcastle, he stated that the top six simply wouldn’t allow the takeover to happen, as our prospective owners have the financial means to actually challenge them:

This would cause any other team to fade away into ‘insignificance’ as the top six build themselves up.

I have to say, I find Sutton to be quite a divisive pundit – and I don’t always agree with what he has to say, but he’s bang on here!

Project Big Picture will simply drain the league of any competitiveness, and we’ve got no chance of becoming a great team once again if it goes through!

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4 thoughts on ““A wealthy takeover at NUFC? They won’t let that happen…Why would they?!” – Chris Sutton

  1. Let’s say the EFL agree which is what Derby county want to the 250million that the so called big 6 would give to the epl and its members and they the EFL In return agree to the big 6 having more powers what happens if

    In 5 years time the big six with there voting powers say no more money to them in the EFL what will they do then ?

    To me the 250million is just the parachute payment to the relegated clubs At present when they leave the premier league

    The super 6 will become richer and the 250million over the years will disappear into insignificance and they will be back to square one

    People or consortiums will not be allowed to help teams as they will be rejected due the power of the big 6 and there voting rights

    Football and supporters which make this game so popular will leave the game and there lies the problem of more income to the so called clubs because they will not be happy

    Then the next step will be a world league because the money will have dried up and the owners will want more


  2. There has ben something going on in the background with the takeover battle maybe we now know what it was.


  3. It is shocking that the so called big 6 should be so arrogant and self centred as to even consider dominating football to such an extent that they dictate the future and the finances of all the clubs below them in the football pyramid. It is an insult to the game we love and the many people who volunteer to give up their time to provide facilities and opportunities for all age groups to play football. Something has to change, the game of football is far more important than 6 clubs who have the audacity to consider themselves superior to the many thousands of clubs and supporters throughout the country that support,manage and play the ‘beautiful game’. To get things moving everyone should cancel their Sky subscriptions and if you cannot attend a game listen to it on the local radio station !!


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