New Saudi takeover theory arrives from talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan – He’s changed his tune…

The ever divisive Simon Jordan has shared another controversial opinion regarding NUFC, casting his doubt on the potential wrongdoings of the Premier League in the proposed Newcastle United takeover.

Jordan also claims that the potential legal battle is nothing more than ‘window dressing’ and that the only thing worse for Newcastle United than Mike Ashley, is hope – or false hope as he fears!

This signals a change of stance from him, with Jordan stating back in August that the deal wasn’t dead, stating “I don’t understand how a deal breaks down when buy & seller are in accord.”

The former Crystal Palace owner also voiced his opinions on Richard Masters, claiming that the Premier League chief executive would not have the ‘hutzpah’ to meddle with a proposed takeover.

Hutchinson, The Terror of Motown

You can hear his latest comments on talkSPORT in full in the video below!

Jordan at least admits that the takeover might have been rejected on the grounds of piracy, but fears nothing will change on that front; in turn killing any takeover hopes in the future.

I have to be honest, I agree with Jordan when he questions the desire of our potential investors – why are they being so silent in this process? It feels as though they may not be as interested as we hope.

I just hope we have an answer soon, I’m a bit tired of pundits weighing in with their ‘expert’ opinions!

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