Simon Jordan delivers the most frustrating misconception of Steve Bruce’s NUFC – Video

TalkSPORT’s Simon Jordan has put Steve Bruce’s inability to get us playing decent football is down to him ‘needing better players’ – a standpoint I’m struggling to accept.

The former Crystal Palace owner, who hired our Bruce briefly in 2001, was talking about our current state of affairs on his regular mid-morning slot alongside Jim White and Danny Murphy.

Jordan believes that our gaffer is getting between ’90-95%’ out of the current crop and that if we are to move forward aesthetically, we need to recruit better players in order to become more pleasing on the eye.

Another point he raises is that Rafa Benitez also played a tedious style of football but was worshipped rather than despised by the majority of Newcastle fans.

That may be true to an extent, but the Spaniard was never given the same financial backing as Bruce by Mike Ashley and had a much poorer pool of attackers until Almiron arrived a few months before he left.

Benitez had to keep us in the league with a limited side as we adopted a ‘sell to buy’ policy throughout his time here, for reasons that only Ashley himself can answer why.

Some of our forward players in the current squad give us the option to become a real, attack-minded side. We have pace and talent at our disposal with the likes of Almiron, Saint-Maximin, Fraser and Wilson all capable of getting at any Premier League backline.

This is not something that Benitez has during his time here, making Jordan’s argument fall short for me.

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One thought on “Simon Jordan delivers the most frustrating misconception of Steve Bruce’s NUFC – Video

  1. Oh dear -where to start.
    OK – we get it – you love Rafa you hate Bruce.
    Spending? You seem to have a very VERY short memory. Rafa bought a whole new team to get us out of the Championship, and once we were out he spent another 80 million.
    PLUS he was supposedly given the chance to sign Joelinton while he was still there. I appreciate that 40 million on Rafa’s tab would have been inconvenient to your argument, but it was money he was offered. Your argument kinda crumbles at that point.

    Then there’s your claim that Bruce has a stunning front line – having got rid of our previous top 2 scorers, and replaced them with 2 headless chickens – ASM and Almiron – 2 players who between them couldn’t finish a pizza.

    There’s a bit of a trend here.
    Someone connected to football, who knows about the EPL and has worked with Bruce says anything positive about him, and within minutes there is guaranteed to be a response shooting it down with biased, uninformed opinions masquerading as facts.

    The fact is that the likes of Jordan actually know what they are talking about, as do all those players recently sticking up for Bruce.
    Whereas those slating Bruce have limited ACTUAL EPL experience, don’t know how it works and are just writing to get a pat on the back from the equally less informed mob of fans who will explode at the drop of a hat.

    It’s bizarre that your argument hinges on spending when Bruce was lumbered with Big Joe – a decision that was made before he arrived and he accepted just to get the job. 40 million spent on a player who can’t score and doesn’t know what an assist is. Then you claim Bruce has better players. It’s like you’re trying to argue both sides.

    Still – I suppose we should be happy that now you are at least acknowledging that Bruce is doing as well as Rafa, if not better.

    I’m surprised you haven’t had a go at Bruce for COVID.


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