Was this significant from Mike Ashley’s legal man? – Fresh takeover hope & 2 positives the pitch

Mike Ashley’s lawyer in the ongoing legal battle, Nick De Marco QC – a man now followed by thousands of NUFC fans who hang on his every word – was once again intriguing everyone yesterday.

The so-called takeover hints from his carefully placed pictures of baked bread, ‘likes’ on Twitter or ‘cryptic’ comments have sometimes been blown out of proportion, however his latest post is a lot more substantial and potentially significant.

He had this to say last night, confirming a ‘meeting’ with Newcastle United as he stayed to watch our FA Cup clash with Arsenal afterwards:

All I can say is that I hope the first part of his day was considerably more successful and fruitful than the second part! After all, it does seem interesting that the man Mike Ashley’s hired to head the takeover legal action was in London for a NUFC meeting then at the game!

My positive spin is a simple one. I have no idea why he was there. What was talked about but two things are indisputable – One, he confirms the meeting and two, he was actually there and stayed for the game.

Most things can and are done over Zoom call these days, so his presence suggests and decision to make it public makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.

Miguel Cabrera

Small crumbs, possibly from the bread he makes, but the feeling is that this NUFC takeover is still around, or even live, and stories like this certainly fuel the fire.

Does it offer any hope though? Well, it’s better than what we’re seeing on the field.

Before I get to the two positives on the pitch from the extra time loss at Arsenal, I must comment on Friday Night’s wonderful NUFC Matters Show on YouTube. It was superb. So much passion and positivity and one that if you haven’t watched it I 100% recommend you do (see bellow):

Keith Patterson from @NCSL1892 was the guest and what a guest he was. In his own words “an ordinary bloke who’s just a fan.” No, no, no, and no! He’s an extraordinary bloke who is a passionate fan and one that brings hope and faith to the NUFC cause.

Many, many others have commented on Keith’s performance and I have tweeted back a reply. But for me three things stood out. His absolute emotional passion and faith, his obvious knowledge which was shown as much by what he couldn’t say than what he did say.

Finally, his total belief in the Takeover process the PIF, Staveley and The Rueben’s could not be shaken and quite obviously won’t be. I tip my hat to him as he’s certainly raised my spirits and hopes with his performance on Friday.

When you add in that to Nick De Marco yesterday, we absolutely know that there’s still legs in this story and we may yet see a positive outcome. We’re no longer pinning our hopes and dreams on it, but

Another positive was the performances last night of Elliott Anderson and Isaac Hayden.

I have long been a champion of Hayden and last night I thought he was our best outfield player. Whether at CB or DM he always seems to put a consistent and quality effort.

He may not be the player that is going to propel us forward, break down a defence or chip in a load of goals but to me he’s an outstanding individual who does his job as well as anyone in the squad. Which brings me to Elliott Anderson.

I called for Bruce to be brave and play him. The kid did eventually get his chance and at 18-year-old on a big stage did his cause no harm at all.

In fact, he’s just increased the rightful hype around him. Let’s just hope it’s not the last we see of him this season and he’s going to be given more opportunities. The old say if you’re good enough you’re old enough may just apply to him.

I hear there’s talk of him going on loan. I’m not saying I wouldn’t loan him out, BUT if we did it would have to be, for me, Championship level and guaranteed first-team football.

So, there you have it. I found positives after a seventh game without a win. Who’d have thought?!?!

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