Steve Bruce responds to NUFC fans calling for him to resign after Sheffield Utd defeat

Steve Bruce has insisted he’ll “never walk away from the challenge” and leave it up to Mike Ashley when asked about fans calling for him to resign following tonight’s abysmal defeat to Sheffield United.

In what was perhaps one of the most negative, passive and sloppy performances you’re ever likely to see from a side facing a winless team woefully low on confidence, we sat deep and gifted the Blades chance after chance – and were eventually punished as a red card and penalty helped them to a 1-0 win.

That said, it was the 5-4-1 formation, fielding of FOUR centre-backs, zero creativity and just one striker in Callum Wilson that left fans angry before the game kicked off…yet things only got worse as Bruce got what he deserved in the 90 minutes that followed.

Here’s what Bruce told reporters when told about calls for him to resign after tonight’s abysmal defeat:

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“Look, you’re asking the wrong person about that…

“I will leave it to other people to decide.

“I’ll never, ever walk away from a challenge

“I’ve been in it long enough to have that respect.”

“But I understand that, especially watching the first half, we weren’t good enough and, at the end of the day I take the responsibility for that because I pick the team.”

Bruce has bemoaned the VAR decisions that went against us and Fraser’s red card, but that can’t mask what was a truly appalling performance from start to finish.

As for Bruce’s ‘resilient’ response to those calling for him to go, his stubborn approach makes you question if ‘local lad’ Bruce really is a Newcastle United fan. After all, he’d walk rather than wait for his pay out if he really cared about this club – because we’re only going in one direction if he continues to set up this capable group of player THAT badly.

If he won’t leave, it’s time for Mike Ashley to protect his asset and get rid.

Bruce out.

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14 thoughts on “Steve Bruce responds to NUFC fans calling for him to resign after Sheffield Utd defeat

  1. he wont walk wants his severance pay, just hope ashley gives it to him, thats all we can hope for if not its total gloom and doom especially when we will lose the next 2 games against arsenal and leeds and the chasing pack will have closed on us


  2. Bruce is making a fortune on being incompetent and getting sacked…

    …probably can’t believe that it’s taking so long!

    **** soaked numpty just isn’t a MANAGER but the Board are on the same level IF they don’t act immediately!!!


  3. Bruce’s master plan to get Ashley to spend on players this window. Play ****, look like being relegated and make Ashley worry about his profits.???


  4. Well it was 3 center backs, no need to sensationalise it. You were right about everything else.


  5. I can’t believe Steve Bruce playing a team without a win all season low on confidence there for the taking but then praises them telling them how good and physical they are unreal then plays a team that you would play against Man City away 70% possession for Sheff Utd Bruce please go you are frightened of your own shadow shocking


  6. Paolo Veidd:
    Well it was 3 center backs, no need to sensationalise it. You were right about everything else.

    Clark, Fernandez, Schar AND Dummett. I think it’s fair to class the latter as a CB when he’s played there much more than he has a LB in recent years (never mind at LWB as he was last night!).

    Bruce’s decision to play him at wing-back on the left-side of five-man defence was absolutely baffling and so, so negative.


  7. So he thinks he has earned the respect after being in The game so long not to give up and walk away well fat lad we don’t respect you all you really deserve is you p45 “0” and his SEVEN figure pay off which if it he had any self respect which apparently he has earned he would stand up say am sorry I got it wrong the game has changed and my tactics are mediocre and out dated please except my apologies to all the hard working supporters who’s intelligence you insult with you excuses week in and week out you would get and ibelieve this more respect off the fantastic NUFC fans #TOONARMY


  8. Clueless on selection.

    Reflection is to late to say I’m wrong.

    Appalling for not pressing further up field.

    Point of using 1 forward with 2 more on the bench showing no ambition.

    Put that together you have ****.


  9. I’ve never see a more negative team in all my life. Where was matty longstaff ( someone with a bit of energy who can pass a ball) we were playing a team who were rock bottom and we made the look like Barcelona. Bruce what are you doing like really I’m not even sure you know the game at all I gaurentee I could have done a better job no aspirations apart from let’s try not to lose 18% possession second half against bottom of the league get out of our club #bruce#ashley


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