New ‘Bruce out’ statement from NUFC supporter group Toon For Change – Read it here

Please find below a statement from Joe Chilcott, a spokesperson for supporter group Toon For Change, who are actively campaigning for the immediate removal of Steve Bruce:

Steve Bruce described the Newcastle United manager role as his dream job, but under his leadership – this season is becoming a nightmare for supporters. We are told by pundits who defend Bruce that football is a ‘results business’, meanwhile we have won one of our last ten games and find ourselves seven points above the relegation zone.

After the Sheffield United loss (which was their first win and clean sheet of the season), Bruce said that ‘he’ll never walk away from a challenge’, but if he really loves our club, he should realise that this is one challenge too many for him and it is time for him to step aside.

Bruce has been relegated from the Premier League twice with two different sides and the way things are going, we will be his third. In the last 12 years, Newcastle United has been relegated twice – and on both occasions Mike Ashley stood by inept managers for too long before bringing in Shearer and Benitez, respectively for thankless tasks.

Ashley should learn from his previous mistakes, get rid of Bruce and appoint a proven, progressive manager before it’s too late.

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2 thoughts on “New ‘Bruce out’ statement from NUFC supporter group Toon For Change – Read it here

  1. The FCB keeps Cabbage head around because it distracts the fans from his disgraceful asset stripping of the club. Frontline punching bag. Besides, there will be no sack for Bruce as long as the transfer window is still open because any new manager would demand some funds to fix this slop mess.


  2. Yet Bruce is STILL doing better than Rafa did in his 2 seasons in the Prem with us.

    Where were Toon For Change this time 3 years ago when we were in the relegation zone with 4 fewer points? Were they screaming for Rafa to go?

    Even in Rafa’s BEST season in the Prem with us at this point he was in the same position with 2 fewer points.

    The football was equally as dreary with 5 at the back and the results were worse, yet you still hold Rafa up as some kind of hero when in truth he was no better than Bruce.
    Then you quote Chelsea, Liverpool, Real etc.
    Maybe Bruce could get better results if he walked into a job with a table topping club with a few hundred million to spend on the best players in the world.

    What is the reason? Because Rafa played you. He whinged and moaned about not getting support from Ashley and somehow convinced you to feel sorry for him.

    Effectively he was unprofessional and refused to take responsibility for the results, and you suckers fell for it.

    And now – because of Bruce’s connections with the Mackems he’s fair game, as he has been all season.

    You’re not fans. You are just a brainwashed mob.

    I hate the fact that we are so bad, and I think the football we are playing is abysmal, but why are we kidding ourselves blaming Bruce when we didn’t blame Rafa under exactly the same circumstances?


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