Saudi takeover hopes boosted as stumbling blocks to £300m deal ‘begin to shift’ – Report

Optimism’s meaning, like many words and phrases, is something that has been skewed when used within the context of a Newcastle United

But when context around the use of the word shifts and starts to fit, you can’t help but let your ears ***** up ever so slightly for when it is uttered – especially in the context of a potential Saudi takeover.

The Independent are currently reporting that barriers to the deal are “beginning to shift” due to a change in the political mood within the Gulf “over the past month”, stating that those close to the Staveley-led consortium are “cautiously optimistic” a deal will be resurrected.

Mike Ashley, as a result of a breakdown of communication between the Premier League and the Saudi-backed consortium, went on to employ Nick De Marco and Shaheed Fatima to pursue potential legal action with the Premier League but, interestingly, The Independent is saying that this might not be completely necessary:

Although BeIn is still officially blocked in Saudi Arabia, a number of cafes and restaurants have started showing the channel this month, using satellite dishes to pick up the Qatari broadcasts. BeIn filed a lawsuit against the Saudis seeking $1billion in damages but has indicated that it will withdraw the action if allowed to operate in the kingdom.

The growing détente between the countries is likely to remove many of the Premier League’s objections to the takeover.

Though the official line from the Premier League has been that the pause in the approval process was due to questioning who would be the actual owner of Newcastle, a lot of reports have pointed towards this being a falsified issue created through Qatar/Bein pressure.

Either way, if political tensions are indeed eased then we should soon have a clearer picture about what the truth is and whether Newcastle can finally shake out of the grip of Mike Ashley.

So, The Independent’s report suggests renewed positivity and that Staveley and Co. are ‘optimistic’ – a good sign, but it feels like they’ve never lacked confidence.

Am I optimistic? I don’t know anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Saudi takeover hopes boosted as stumbling blocks to £300m deal ‘begin to shift’ – Report

  1. Well they won’t be interested if our league position declines any further. Unless they get us as a championship team for half the price and we go straight back up which would be a good deal for them I suppose. Doubt they would want that option mind.
    I would take it to get rid of Ashley. The city would get behind Stavely and the rest


  2. Kevin, I would take going into League One if I thought it meant the Saudis taking over and Ashley slinging his hook. Wouldn’t take us long to get back up there.


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