Steve Bruce exposed as ex-Mag reveals what he was like to play under – Interesting comments

Ryan Taylor recently had a fascinating interview about his Newcastle career with Gallowgate Shots which is really worth checking out if you haven’t already.

One very interesting thing that came up was question about Steve Bruce (1:43:55) and his thoughts on the current set up in Newcastle.

Taylor played under Bruce before transferring to Newcastle from Wigan in 2009, so it was interesting to hear from someone who knows the current Newcastle manager quite well while still being an advocate of Newcastle United.

Overall, Tayor seemed to be of the opinion that player injuries etc. haven’t helped our season but he didn’t shy away from some light criticism of his ex-manager.

He was very keen to point out that Bruce is a “really good man manager” and that “the players will all like him” but went on to say how he believed that Bruce needs “newer ideas”.

Really, without saying it directly, Taylor commented on how there are a number of what the fanbase would describe as ‘dinosaur managers’ when he said “Not just for Steve, but other managers as week, I feel like the game is different now.

Taylor is certainly correct because modern football has definitely evolved to be a much more tactical affair and for managers who “don’t do tactics” it will obviously become harder and harder to actually win football matches.

I would strongly argue that Steve Bruce has never been a good manager and it worries me that he would still be in a Premier League job when he is so much in need for “newer ideas”.

Taylor commented on how we have players such on Saint-Maximin who can drive the team forward and it felt to me that he was inadvertently exposing Bruce as someone who simply relies on his ‘good’ players to win matches instead of actually creating a team system to succeed.

As Taylor mentions, the hiring of Graeme Jones has “picked him up a bit” and has resulted in better results under Bruce, but this really reiterates to me that Steve Bruce is not a long-term solution for Newcastle United.

If Bruce is dependent on hiring people for “new ideas” as Taylor says, then I think Bruce is a redundant part of the set up.

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One thought on “Steve Bruce exposed as ex-Mag reveals what he was like to play under – Interesting comments

  1. Love it – Taylor says Bruce is a really good man manager and the players will like him, but you opt to read between the lines, and not QUOTE Taylor, but INTERPRET what he said.

    You criticise Bruce, saying he’s a dinosaur and needs newer ideas.
    Isn’t it possible that is why Bruce brought in Graeme Jonees?

    You sad , sad, sad attention grabbing little man, Mr Dawson.


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