Saudis plan to renegotiate takeover bid if Newcastle go down…not walk away – George Caulkin

On a recent ‘Pod on the Tyne’ podcast, The Athletic’s George Caulkin clarified that the Saudi consortium WOULD still be interested in purchasing the club even if we were to be relegated.

The caveat, however, is that they would be expected to haggle for a new, lower price.

This of course raises more questions with Mike Ashley as he would, of course, prefer the originally agreed price, but it’s welcome news for anyone fearing relegation being the be all and end all – especially when we’ll be just three points clear of the drop zone should Fulham beat Sheffield United before we face Man Utd on Sunday.

I feel I must clarify that my personal view on this is that we would not repeat our previous Championship escapades and that I do not believe Ashley would sell for less than he believes he can get. I hope that I’m wrong, of course, but optimism doesn’t extend into a Championship campaign, for me.

What also needs to be noted is that even if the consortium were to take over in the Championship, they would still have to take the Owners and Director’s test if Newcastle were to be promoted.

So, it is vitally important that, if this takeover is to happen, any sort of confusion on whether this rests on political issues or is truthfully about ownership questions, it is all put to rest as soon as possible for a clear future.

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8 thoughts on “Saudis plan to renegotiate takeover bid if Newcastle go down…not walk away – George Caulkin

  1. If relegated, any takeover would still be subject to the EFL’s owners’ test and there is nothing to suggest they would feel any different to Masters and his mob.


  2. I think on the contrary the EFL is not influenced by supposed top 6 who were the real detractors in the takeover.


  3. Bruce has to be Sacked NOW – NUFC Board have again lumbered the club with a complete numpty!

    Just isn’t a MANAGER = proven he can’t manage at ANY level but has made a forture on being sacked (!?)

    No wonder his cry baby daughter Alexa wants to be a manager = another flea sucking the life out of our clubs and destroying young players career’s




    NUFC are the on only club without a MANAGER

    If this was a High street fashion store Ashley would have sacked the Managing Director and Board…

    …for spending 40 million on a Door Stop and bringing in a complete numpty that’s on par with Kinnear and McBrolly

    Not for the first or Second time we are heading into the championship – WHERE Bruce has already proved that he can’t manage there either = with MILLIONS (!!??)

    And again the MD Charmless and Board are asleep on the titanic

    We see Bruce finally put Almiron back where he started at Newcastle and he thinks it’s down to his great tactics – god help us with this clown!

    Shelvey is a waster that does 2 good passers but then goes missing, Hendrick is terrible = that must be a stick on beard as he’s come from Burnley woman’s team!!

    Hayden is our BEST midfielder BUT due to Bruce’s lack of judgement he loaned out one of our best defenders so we lose midfield (!?)

    Then Gayle = BRILLIANT in the championship BUT just isn’t premiership quality and when we needed a striker in January Bruce again was pushing for Gayle and Carroll = WE NEED A MANAGER ASAP



  5. It’s article’s like this that give the fans false hope. The Saudi takeover is dead. They are not coming back. Accept it and move on.


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