Double blow for Newcastle United after Boris announces when football fans will return?

If we navigate through the four stringent conditions laid out by Boris and the general public don’t go gaga thinking it’s all over between now and mid May, we might get a situation that could be a disadvantage for NUFC.

With the Government confirming that football fans look set to return from May 17th onwards, we won’t see football at St James’ Park this season should their ‘roadmap’ plans become a reality. Mind you the way we’re playing and the majority feeling about Mr Bruce, that might be a blessing. The atmosphere would likely to be toxic and that would surely get through to the players.

That said, will it be giving an unfair advantage to Fulham if they have almost 5,000 fans attend our final day clash at Craven Cottage on May 23rd?

It’s likely to be just less than 5,000 as Craven Cottage’s current capacity is between 19 and 20,000 but, what an advantage that surely would be for a home side IF they needed the points. Of course, it could play the other way putting too much pressure on the home side, but you’d think it would be a boost for their players.

The prospect of a last day decider has to be in the mind of all. You only have to look at Social Media today. So, if it were a relegation decider what would the Powers-That-Be do in the event of an advantage?

Personally, I think it would be a disgrace if it’s a relegation decider and they get that advantage or deemed advantage. It would be a far fairer situation to call it as no-fans until the start of next season except perhaps for The FA Cup Final.

Or if they are that desperate to get the fans back there’s two alternatives. Firstly, if there’s nothing riding on the game allow fans in as then even if the home side gets and advantage it won’t matter in the greater picture.

Or we allow away fans and offer 50% of the tickets to the away side. I like that “or” best as I think 2,500 Geordies will always make more noise and show more passion than 2.500 Cockneys!

My final thought on this situation is two-fold. Either the PL and officials have to think very, very carefully about how they play this and what could be deemed fair or unfair, although personally I think it’s irrelevant any way as one way or another I have a feeling it won’t rest on the last game!

But, that final thought is another debate entirely!

Let’s hope we’re still a Premier League club and are no longer owned by Mike Ashley the next time we step foot inside St James’ Park…

2 thoughts on “Double blow for Newcastle United after Boris announces when football fans will return?

  1. thats it for watching premier league football for quite awhile dont know how long we will be in the championship for with this numpty as head coach with the players we will have left almiron, st. max, wilson, fraser, hayden, dubravka they will all be gone and no doubt anybody else that can escape from this shambles


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