Simon Jordan makes a fool of himself as he names 2 reasons Bruce has been ‘thrown under the bus’

In an attempt to bring “balance” to the Steve Bruce debate in light of his latest training ground bust-up, Simon Jordan has once again demonstrated how little he knows about the current situation at Newcastle United.

His latest rant sees him suggest that it is in fact Steve Bruce who has been ‘thrown under the bus’ in all of this – which is pretty hilarious considering that’s the exact thing he’s been doing to both players and fans over the past 18 months.

His reasoning is:

  1. He’s not been backed by Mike Ashley – claiming he hasn’t been given “all the tools to do the job”.
  2. The players he’s got aren’t good enough and are just as responsible for the mess we’re in as they “haven’t performed” for him.

The first point is laughable when this is a manager who’s had over £100m spent on him and been allowed to sign his top targets – including the proven goalscorer (Wilson) and game changer (Saint-Maximin) Rafa Benitez never had. For me, receiving all of the above and STILL being in a job after 2 wins in 17 games is the definition of being backed!

As for the players now being good enough, this is the biggest myth on Tyneside. We have the best striker in the bottom half, a trio of exciting attackers in ASM, Almiron and Fraser and a solid spine behind that – yet Bruce has made us look abysmal at both ends, making a side capable of pushing towards the top 10 get caught up in a completely avoidable relegation battle.

Watch part of his rant for yourselves below:

Mike Ashley is without doubt the biggest issue at the club and some of what he says is true, but Jordan’s rants don’t come across as someone offering ‘balance’ when he is clearly uninformed, naive to the REAL reason behind our struggles this season and will always say black if a Newcastle fan phones in to say white.

After speaking to Craig Hope – the journalist who broke the bust-up story last night – he also went on to say this:

“I think there’s a lot more than just allowing players to determine who they want to manage this club and who they don’t,”

“Half the reason they’re in this position is because players don’t perform.

We have our limitations, but the reality is this is the best side (on paper) we’ve had in years combined with the worst manager we’ve had in years.

Who’s to blame? You do the maths, Simon…

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