Steve Bruce with unbelievable comments after 0-0 draw at West Brom – “Really, really pleased”

Steve Bruce has given his take on this afternoon’s dismal display at West Brom that saw us pick up a point in a game many believed we had to win.

Sadly – yet quite predictably – he’s quite content with a point based on his post-match comments. In fact, he’s “really, really pleased.”

When you consider Fulham are currently causing Liverpool all sorts of problem at Anfield and looking the side more likely to win (they are 0-1 up at half-time!), this is a truly damning take from a manager that’s just seen his side hang on for a draw against a truly awful West Brom.

Here’s what he’s had to say after the game:

“We are disappointed that we didn’t win, whether we did enough to win it, who knows?

But the one thing was vitally important was that we didn’t get beat.

“We always knew it was going to be difficult in the circumstances.

“I was delighted with their attitude and spirit.

“We showed a real desire to get something out of the game.’

“The reason we got a point was the togetherness, attitude and desire.

“We lacked quality but were without our front three.

“To be without them and get a point really, really pleased me.

“In the last six games, we’ve won two and drawn two, and only lost against Man United and Chelsea, so it’s vitally important to make sure that we keep the run going.

“We’ll take a point, and move on.”

That second line sums it up. It was a HUGE chance to win and move potentially six clear of Fulham, yet he played not to lose – just as he did against bottom of the league Sheffield United back in January.

As for that final comment – it’s probably time Bruce opened his eyes and realised we’ve won just TWO of our last 16 games. Also, he appears to have conveniently forgotten about that disastrous defeat to Palace.

That’s relegation form if I’ve ever seen it, yet our man in charge leaves The Hawthorn’s “really, really pleased.”

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13 thoughts on “Steve Bruce with unbelievable comments after 0-0 draw at West Brom – “Really, really pleased”

  1. Omg Bruce what are you rabbiting on about a point isn’t good enough we had to win. Its West Brom we were playing not Man City. Your really pleased give us a break we started with probably the least attacking formation we could have, no Longstaff brothers no Ritchie, Shelvey yet again pathetic , Carroll is more of a goal threat then Linton. And why not start wit Gayle he is a striker by the way. I guess Ashley must b blinkered coz he can’t b watching the same as what everyone else is


  2. Well after today’s joke as a football match we where watching the 2 teams that’s going down along with Sheffield it’s got to get rid of Bruce


  3. Jacob Murphy, Dwight Gayle and Andy Carol on the bench!
    Where were the goals going to come from?


  4. Bruce is a parasite, doesnt care about the club, fans or players, just wants his pay off. This is his motivation to get money to leave. he has no tactics is falling out with players left right and centre and is taking us down. How long before Mr Ashley wakes up and smells the coffee, when the championship fixtures are announced.


  5. The clown played for a DRAW against West Brom (!!!??)

    He’s said that he’s not walking away = time to get the wheel-barra



  6. Please walk Bruce , every game your in charge is getting harder and harder to watch, have you no pride man, all those years in the game and still clueless, come on do the decent thing and go before you take another northeast team down.


  7. Bruce now goes on about sticking with his formation?
    These are “professional “ players, they should be able to adapt to any formation and the manager if he is any good should be able to pick and coach the correct players from the squad to deliver it.
    Bruce is incapable of doing this!
    He still thinks it’s 2 points for a win, somebody needs to tell him it’s 3, that’s why he thinks a draw is a good result!


  8. The man is a joke and belive its a 4 million pound pay out if he gets sacked how can that be if i dont do my job my boss would not give me a penny , he said we need to keep this run of good form , 2 wins in 16 games i can see us go down yet again its to late we are doomed


  9. Pleased that we came away with a draw against the worst defence on the Premiership ….. if we needed any more proof, this man has massively lost the plot (if he ever had one!) and is oblivious to the fact that we are hurtling towards the Championship. Unbelievable!


  10. This man is a complete joke his comments are pathetic and embarrassing, he is hopeless out of his depth he will take us down, ashley needs to sack him now and get eddie howe that is only way forward if we have any chance of survival. Fulham are playing really well and Its just a matter of time till we are in bottom three. Bruce is finished he has nothing to offer.


  11. He has to go if Fulham keep picking up points we will go down we are useless under Bruce we need someone who can get us out of this mess


  12. Bruce is such a prick in 4 short weeks our 10 point cushion is now down to 1 point
    Time this dinosaur was sacked


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