Pathetic Paul Merson says Bruce should do this to embarrass Matt Ritchie after bust-up – Video

How Paul Merson avoided the cull on Soccer Saturday along with Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas and Matt Le Tissier is beyond me.

He truly is one of the most embarrassing ‘experts’ in football right now and his latest rant about Steve Bruce and Matt Ritchie is frankly unsurprising in its stupidity.

Check it out here:

First off… what? Just… what?

So, Merson believes the first thing that Steve Bruce should be doing is attempting to embarrass one of the players?

How is forcing Matt Ritchie to play in a Number 10 role solving a single thing? If Bruce were to do that then it would establish him further as an extremely petty man and would further ruin the team dynamics by forcing a player to play in an unfamiliar position.

The idea that Ritchie’s teammates would be fine and dandy with Bruce actively trying to embarrass one of their friends whilst also risking a game of football during a time that we’re desperate for points is ludicrous.

Also, this definition of what “a coward is all about”… to quote Alan Partridge “I’m sorry, that was just a noise.”

Matt Ritchie hasn’t been one of the first names on the team sheet for a good while now and, in better circumstances, I would have thought we would have upgraded on him by now, but questioning his effort is laughable.

The last piece of nonsense Merson spouts is all about “respect” and how he wouldn’t play someone who doesn’t respect him. Well, maybe Merson should pause for a second and consider context here. Why are we at a point that a player as senior and well-respected as Matt Ritchie isn’t showing respect to the manager?

Tim Sherwood touches on the idea but then shies away from it, but what is stopping Callum Wilson from being the next person to fall out with Bruce?

We have numerous reports now of player unrest under Bruce and know that he’s fallen out with a number of players so it is well within the realms of possibility that Wilson could be the next person to call out Bruce. Many fans of touched on it throughout the season, but it would be completely understandable for Wilson to be disappointed that he chose Newcastle over Aston Villa and the one reason that disappointment would exist is Bruce.

Merson needs to consider why respect for Steve Bruce is so hard to come by. Both Newcastle fans and Newcastle players have a lack of respect for the man and that’s because of what he does and says as a manager.

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5 thoughts on “Pathetic Paul Merson says Bruce should do this to embarrass Matt Ritchie after bust-up – Video

  1. I must say its about time some of the players start to question the tactics of a manager such as Mr Bruce, he is a dinosaur and the majority his decisions are the very least questionable, its taken 18 months to pick his best team and formation. To say the players cant adapt is an insult to their intelligence. Matt Ritchie is one of the most motivated players we have had in the team in some time, if we had another 5 of him in the team it would be a joy to at least see us want to go out and win from the start. He runs his socks off and tracks up and back all the game. He is a player that would play in any position if asked to do so, evidenced when Rafa was manager. The sooner we get a new owner and manager the better, unfortunately that may happen to late to save us from the championship. The football we are playing is poor and a number of our players are far better than that. If we go down surely SB will have run out of excuses. Sad times for the fans as usual.


  2. A player who always wants the ball
    A player who always tries his best
    A player who isn’t afraid to call his team mates out.
    A player willing to have a go

    and a player who doesn’t always deliver but still does the above despite bad games or things not going well, so Mr Merson you were a mile off on your assessment of him.

    As for Bruce
    A manager without a plan
    A manager who has fallen out with many staff and players this year
    A manager who throws his players under a bus
    A manager sitting waiting on his compensation which is why he wont walk
    A manager sadly out of touch with the modern game

    A manger who the pundits wont question


  3. Honestly I think I’m just going to tune-in at kick-off, watch all future NUFC games with the sound turned off, switch to something different at half-time, come back to the game in silence for the second half and then switch off on the final whistle.

    Then I’ll come on to great sites like this, read Twitter, Insta and Facebook and get the real reaction of the fans who love this club through thin and thinner. The team and them are all that counts. I have no desire to listen to any jumped-up clueless pundits or our inept manager every again.

    Great piece JonnyD once again. You’re one of those that knows!


  4. There’s nothing better than a pundit who shouts his mouth off without actually knowing the story.

    So firstly – at no point has it been confirmed that Ritchie has called Bruce a coward infront of everyone.
    Bruce sent Agnew down to fetch Ritchie & Ritchie said it to Agnew – nothing that said that was infront of all the players.

    Agnew went back to Bruce and total him what was said & Bruce came charging down like some hot head and started barging into Ritchie infront of all the players.

    But Merson wants to talk respect & professionalism.

    Where’s his respect talking about another player like that?.

    Ritchie apologised to Bruce – I didn’t hear Bruce saying he handled the situation badly at all.

    But not to worry, we’ll all laugh about it when Merson pretends to get a players name wrong – hilarious that .. nice one Mers.


  5. I saw the word “pathetic” in the headline and only popped by to confirm that it was written by the great Jonny Dawson.

    A kid, hiding behind the security of an internet blog.

    Jonny – the likes of Paul Merson have been involved in this great game longer than you have been alive. He’s won the League twice, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup and played 21 times for England.

    Every manager has had blowouts with players. Keegan famously fell out with Cole and Clarke, Sir Bobby Robson fell out with Bellamy. Rafa fell out with everyone calling them just not good enough.

    For you to call him pathetic is like my 6 year old grandson calling Stephen Hawking an idiot.

    You are clueless.


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