Takeover time-wasters strike again – and still owe Newcastle United £500,000

The Bin Zayed International Group have officially missed out on purchasing Derby County, after they failed to meet their third and final deadline to transfer funds for the purchase of the Championship club.

This news may hold some significance for Newcastle fans as we too were greeted with a false dawn with the very same investment firm a few years ago, only to have the deal shrivel away and die.

Strangely enough, it has been reported that the Bin Zayed group still haven’t settled their £500,000 legal Bill from their failed takeover of Newcastle (which in football terms in roughly two Rodrigo Vilca’s!)

It’s honestly beyond my understanding why a company would consistently create negative publicity for themselves but it’s this sort of movement that we really need to be wary of as a fanbase wishing for a new owner.

As fans, we can only wish and pray that Newcastle can be purchased genuinely and take us away from the horror of Mike Ashley instead of being jerked around by people who clearly don’t have the funds to offer us our football club back.

A bullet dodged from Dubai for Newcastle United – although it seems they never truthfully had what it took to buy the club in the first place!

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One thought on “Takeover time-wasters strike again – and still owe Newcastle United £500,000

  1. How do they owe Newcastle United 500K because they have not paid their legal bill?

    Surely they owe their lawyers 500K, not Newcastle United?


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