Brighton 3-0 Newcastle: If Steve Bruce isn’t sacked, he should walk

‘Accumulation of p̷o̷i̷n̷t̷s̷ defeats’

2 wins in 20. An absolutely horrible display – worse than the one against Sheffield United – saw us lose 3-0 to Brighton at the Amex Stadium in a must win game when we didn’t play a single striker.

Brighton came into this with ONE Premier League win at The Amex in their last 20 attempts, yet we made them look like Barcelona (again!) in a relegation six-pointer and failed to land a single shot on target – and that doesn’t even cover the total lack of desire reminiscent of a side no longer playing for the manager.

If this isn’t the end of Bruce then I don’t know if we’ll ever see the back of him. He needs to be sacked immediately.

I don’t care if we replace Bruce with an actual cabbage at this point, because he’s so useless that an inanimate object could do a better job than him at this point.

Fulham’s loss on Friday evening really was quite an unexpected gift to Newcastle United on the eve of one our biggest games of the season against Brighton at the Amex Stadium.

The previous game against the Seagulls, in the second game of season, really didn’t play out well for us and was a huge red flag for how our season was going to progress.

Before the game, the narrative and expectations were split between whether a draw was acceptable or not but it was very clear from all Newcastle outlets that a loss was intolerable.

Brighton made one change from the team that beat Southampton last Sunday with Dan Burn dropping to the bench and being replaced by Jakub Moder.

We, however, were able to make two significant changes with Javier Manquillo and Miguel Almiron returning to the team. Both players provided significant upgrades to recent lineups and, with Almiron’s return in particular, there was a little more optimism around Newcastle’s chances down south.

Stats in the build-up to this game pointed to the probability of a 0-0 draw as this match was the eighth time, we had met in the Premier League with Newcastle yet to grab a win and only registering one solitary goal in all of those matches. However, Brighton did not have the best home form before this game either, with them only managing to register one win at the Amex all season.

It was a messy affair at the start of the match but real fear popped up in the early minutes as Brighton tore the Newcastle defence apart but luckily ended in Dubravka saving comfortably, however, this was just a pointer to Brighton’s dominance at the start of the game.

Brighton were probably always going to dominate possession in this match but the complete lack of an apparent plan from Newcastle, 25 minutes in, was seriously baffling. 83 passes to Brighton’s 243 is a worrying statistic indeed.

Flashbacks to the Sheffield United game here as Newcastle have 25% possession against a team who has only won 1 of their 15 games at home.

Isaac Hayden went down badly towards the end of the half and was replaced by Mr Invisible himself, Jeff Hendrick. It looked like a really bad one and hopefully Hayden will recover soon for his sake and for the club’s sake.

After latching onto a long ball, cutting in and being given too much space to line up a shot, Trossard scored at the end of the first half and it can’t be said that it wasn’t coming. A good finish but stand-off defending – not that it was anything less than our appalling first half display deserved!

An absolutely dire first half in which Newcastle were lucky to say that they were only 1-0 down. The approach to the game had shades of the Sheffield United game and was building up to finish in the exact same way.

The second half started and, aside from Fraser hitting the post after some good build-up play, nothing had changed.

The game felt done at 1-0 in truth, but Welbeck then made sure of it by doubling Brighton’s lead in the 51st minute and any hope for Newcastle to get anything from the game fizzled away quickly.

Neal Maupay then added another in the 68th minute to end his dry spell in front of goal, naturally against Bruce’s Mags. 3-0 and we have never looked like threatening except for one shot by Fraser.

Sean Longstaff made a rare appearance in the 75th minute assuring that we haven’t had a single striker on the pitch for the whole game.

The commentator quipped that we’re playing like we’re against Barcelona not Brighton. Sadly true, highlighting how good we make average teams who’ve won one of their last 20 Premier League home games look – just as we did at Sheffield United back in January.

An absolutely awful result and pitiful performance. Sack Bruce.

173 thoughts on “Brighton 3-0 Newcastle: If Steve Bruce isn’t sacked, he should walk

  1. Sharpy, it’s staggering, as you say get them working on finishing, corners, free kicks. Oh and how to not lose the ball from a throw in. 🙄
    It won’t help them mentally or physically staying at home, all that will happen is the players lacking confidence will just have time to stew on it and the unfit players will just get more unfit from lack of training you would think.

    Can you imagine Rafa doing this ffs


  2. NUFC now have an army of coaches. And there is an army of Journos who follow NUFC closely from all of those at The Chronic to 2 at the Athletic to Simon Bird and Craig Hope. And yet none of them really questioned the dynamic of bringing in Graeme Jones or really asked about his credentials. They waited. They hoped it would turn around. And then they said something.

    None of them have any balls.


  3. You can see that the players are confused. They dont know their positions or who to mark. From the 2 false 10s to the split strikers they must not know what to think. We have a solid back 4 when Dummett and Manquillo play but they were pulled apart by Brighton. Fcn Brighton. That was down to the confusion in the ranks and not having a plan to attack.

    Playing Miggy as a default centre forward to shoehorn the Brazilian Donkey into the lineup FFS. What was that about?

    They dont know what they are doing and I think the extra coach has made it worse because Bruce is petty and vengeful and wants to take back his authority. You can see on the sidelines during the game that there is confusion in the coaching and that will inevitably translate to the players.

    I really dont like harking back to and harping on about Rafa but everybody knew who was boss there. Does anybody think he would tolerate an Assistant Head Coach being appointed over his head?


  4. Bruce is doing everything he can to force a sacking. This is his last job… nobody will ever employ him again when he goes so he wants his £4 million nest egg for retirement. Not that he needs it but it’s £4 million.. a load of cash. Unbelievable how incompetence is rewarded so handsomely in football. Ashley is cutting off his nose to spite his face here. He will lose much much more when we go down…


  5. Who will replace Hayden? I havent seen enough from Hendrick to see him helping us out of this mess but has Sean Longstaff been any better? And Bruce seems to rate Matty and then not, sending mixed messages to a kid just starting out. Great man management again Brucie. Your pundit pals say that is your forte but all I see is you throwing people under the bus and sowing seeds of destruction.


  6. I was listening to Liam Kennedy just now on Wraith’s youtube and had to turn him off. He is saying that the Jones’ appointment was a shot in the dark and has caused conflict and confusion. No Sh!t. Why didnt you say this when it was 1st announced? I did.

    Why didnt you tell us who hired him?

    Why didnt you tell us about his credentials?

    It was hit and hope from this journo. Hoping we would get a couple of wins or Ashley would fire Brucie and replace him with this NOBODY Graeme Jones.

    I am sorry, but this Liam Kennedy is a Shields Gazette Lee Ryder.


  7. I am about as mad at the journos now as I am at Bruce and the Steves. They have watched this train wreck for a year and said almost nothing. Now they are coming out and saying it is bad after the train has hit the wall in a tunnel and burst into flames. Give it another month when the train explodes and they will describe that.

    They have no foresight. This was fcn easy to spot. Bruce is a bad manager. Charnley and Carr tried to undermine him with Jones in a vain effort to force him out. But the NUFC top level incompetents being who they are couldnt even find a decent manager-in-waiting.

    Who is Graeme Jones?

    They created conflict a chaos for someone who has no CV and no credentials to take over.

    They did it before with Wise and Jiminez and also Kinnear and Pardew.

    These people running our club are imbeciles.


  8. Eric Sykes:
    Who will replace Hayden? I havent seen enough from Hendrick to see him helping us out of this mess but has Sean Longstaff been any better? And Bruce seems to rate Matty and then not, sending mixed messages to a kid just starting out. Great man management again Brucie. Your pundit pals say that is your forte but all I see is you throwing people under the bus and sowing seeds of destruction.

    Eric – I know we have moved away from it and spent the season calling for Bruce to switch from it – but with the lack of defensive midfielder, I’d go with 3 CBs.

    I suggested it before Brighton and I still think it’s the best way to tighten things up at the back.
    I think Fernandez would bring more to the team than Hendrick – who I imagine Bruce seeing as the obvious Hayden replacement.


  9. Kimtoon: you see Banksy raised 23 mil for UK health charities with the sale of one of his works? People used to make fun of him.

    I always thought he was up there with the greats of UK art like Turner and Moore and to a lesser extent Hockney. Was never a big fan of Francis Bacon or Lucien Freud.


  10. Eric Sykes:
    Kimtoon: you see Banksy raised 23 mil for UK health charities with the sale of one of his works? People used to make fun of him.

    I always thought he was up there with the greats of UK art like Turner and Moore and to a lesser extent Hockney. Was never a big fan of Francis Bacon or Lucien Freud.

    I think he’s brilliant Eric, his Reading prison wall art is so good and sends a brilliant message that although we are locked down we can still create, that’s something no one can take away.


  11. Kimtoon: you ever see that Banksy in NYC documentary? I think it is on Netflix if you have that. It is interesting. I didnt know there were Banksy “groupies” until I watched that.


  12. We seem to be the main topic of conversation in the football media. The title is done and 2 relegation spots are sewn up so what is left to talk about? The chaos at NUFC 🙂

    And it is chaos of their own making. The Graeme Jones appointment was/is ludicrous. Totally undermining the boss who should just have been sacked. Even Darren Bent is opining on this now saying Bruce should go for the good of his health.

    And the media types seem to have about as much self awareness as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Completely forgetting what they have been saying for the last 2 years and acting like it never happened.

    And the international friendlies? I dont even know who England are playing. Nor do I care.


  13. I mean, 3 Champions League spots are sorted – the Manchesters and Chelsea. The only other topic is what has happened to the Red Bindippers. So it is the NUFC soap opera that is news.

    The U-turns from pundits is more interesting than what they actually say. They pretzeled themselves to defend “good guy” and their pal Steve Bruce, now they dont know what to say, so they ignore what they said before. And then you have Paul Merson’s Giant Balloon Heed still thinking the fans’ expectations are the problem. How does this man have a job? He is the comedy foil for all of the other pundits who think they are so smart. He is the Sid Little of football.


  14. What’s Merse’s favourite saying? You will undoubtedly hear it as we continue on our death spiral. “they are going downhill like they are wearing moccasins on a glacier” or something like that. He thinks that is smart but he repeats it so often now that it sounds dumb.

    Anyway, despite all of this and despite the chaos and despite Steve Bruce, I actually think we have a shot at a draw against Spurs.


  15. Charlie Bennett: Wilder is a difficult call. Have his tactics been found out, probably, but he always had the worst squad in the PL. The question is; is he a one trick pony or can he adapt with a better squad. I think he would get us out of The Championship though.

    Then there is the AIBTB factor (Anybody Is Better Than Bruce). That’s why so many were so accepting of Jones when he really is a nobody in football management terms.


  16. Eric Sykes:
    Kimtoon: you ever see that Banksy in NYC documentary? I think it is on Netflix if you have that. It is interesting. I didnt know there were Banksy “groupies” until I watched that.

    not seen it mate, i’ll have a watch.


  17. Even Kinnear and Pardew had a better pedigree than Jones. The only one you can compare him to was Ugly John Carver who had failed at Toronto FC but he did coach under Sir Bobby Robson so there might have been a there there? Not sure, but if he was totally incompetent then you would think Sir Bobby would have let him go.

    I am thinking Graeme Jones is the second coming of Ugly John and we cannot let him take charge even if Bruce is sacked. They have created a mess by appointing him and it will be certain relegation if he is given the reins.




  18. kimtoon: not seen it mate, i’ll have a watch.

    He did a month long street art exhibit in different parts of the city posting on social media some clues of where they were at so there wouldnt be imposters. It was one a day of installations and graffiti art. Some of it is quite brilliant. How the hell he never got found out, I have no clue. It was like he was hiding in plain sight. I think you will like it.

    If it is not on Netflix, just google it. It is probably on YouTube.


  19. It seems that it is accepted logic that Gayle is not a PL striker. Is that really true? You look at his stats in terms of goals per 90 minutes and it is about 1 in 3 games. That’s about the same as Wilson. And Gayle played under Pards at Palace and was always given clean up minutes there.

    That is miles better than Miggy as a number 9 and I dont really have to mention Donkey do I? There are these myths out there that just become accepted. He is no Alan Shearer but his PL record is not that bad.


  20. With all of these pundits now it is faux criticism. They will be back on the couch with Brucie as soon as he leaves saying he did a fantastic job and how dare the NUFC fans have expected more. Even the hard men like Keane and Souness. They will say Bruce was hard done by. They are not even really against him now. One win and they will be back on his side defending him.

    I think a lot of the journos have perhaps turned for good but they never spoke out as this plane crash was happening. They are shooting bullets as the plane goes down 50 feet from the ground.


  21. Olly, mate. During this international break (bore-fest), you should do a “best game I ever watched” segment. Mine was not even live. It was the Germany/France WC game in the 80s that ended up 4-3 after extra time. I was working in a Youth Hostel Munich, was 19, and had just fcked some hot American chick and then there was this game. 100 Germans and 20 Frenchies watching this madness in the YH TV room. And they had beer and cigarette machines so I was hyped up. American girl was waiting for me afterwards. Probably one of the best nights of my life.


  22. Somebody at The Mag agrees with me about Graeme Jones. His record at Luton was like Bruce in the PL. But that was in a lower league where Bruce has generally done better. So, it is safe to say that in his one Manergerial role that Jones was WORSE than Bruce. We need a miracle and he is not it. They have created chaos with this appointment and it may even be worse than just letting the Steves get on with it. The writer for The Mag says Bruce approved this but questions this “fact”. I do not believe for a second that Bruce was involved. I absolutely believe Brucie is trying to undermine Jones at every turn. He is a petty and vengeful POS.


  23. Olly: Sutton is setting up a “I told you so” scenario. Just like the rest of his pundit pals who have been behind “nice guy” Bruce for so long. They want it both ways. They want ton say he was doing a great job and they want to now say with relegation about 50/50 that they saw it coming. They are self serving [email protected] All of them. And that includes most of the print press because they didnt speak up until it was too late. They are still not speaking up now about the Graeme Jones situation.


  24. The one group of media I will give credit to are blogs. Here, but also even Ed’s where they have spoken up against the absolute mess that we are in. The Mag, and True Faith have seen the writing on the wall when Ryder, Pundits and even Simon Bird and his ilk (yes, even Craig Hope) have for so long turned a blind eye to the Bruce debacle.


  25. The slow motion train wreck is so easy to spot but the media never call it. They blame the fans for expecting too much. They never see what is in front of them – if you give Steve Bruce 2 years he will relegate you. He will alienate the fans and turn the players against each other. That is what “Mr Nice Guy” has always done at every PL club he has managed. Bar none. Even Hull was a mess under him. And even some Championship clubs – Villa.


  26. Rio Ferdinand is yapping on about Ashley again. He sells his stupid clothing brand at Sports Direct in an exclusive deal so how can he be unbiased? I dont see him often but he always came across as a bit of a [email protected] When I have seen him in his house he has a topless picture of himself on the wall. I think it was from some men’s magazine, but still…


  27. Watched Wraith and his 2 pals who used to be part of NUST. They said the pictures we saw of Wilson and St Max training were not scheduled training sessions by Bruce but that they had gone in on their own volition. Says a lot about Bruce. I believe the Wraith people as I think they have connections at NUFC still even though they are blusterers themselves. They also said that players HAD gone to Charnley to express their fears about NUFC methods. That says it all about how much discontent there is in the NUFC camp.

    Moles, players going to see the deputy head master (Charnley), same players thinking Bruce had been sacked after Brighton, Ritchie calling Bruce a coward and issuing a fake apology, the obvious tension on the sideline between Bruce and Jones, Bruce’s body language…

    Need I go on?

    We are a mess. We have to hope that the quality of players we have can see us through because neither Bruce and the Steves with their 2 false 10s nor Jones with his split strikers will keep us up. It has to be the players digging deep and showing their quality. And above all, showing some pride and ignoring the chaos that top management have created.


  28. The main reason I believe Wraith and his pals is that it smells right. They yammer on about the takeover too much and their inside knowledge but this stuff about what is happening day to day at NUFC just smells right. What Bruce says smells like a rotting corpse left in the sun for a week.

    I will be “delighted and pleased” when Bruce goes. I also hope we get the “accumulation of points” to stay up.


  29. I only just read the Brighton match report and they are mad as hell and just dont want to take it anymore (as was said on that movie Network). I totally respect Olly on here but those guys on dot com have been at it a bit longer. They are fed up.

    I have been calling Bruce a fraud and a liar for a while now and I am happy to see kindred spirits at dot com but also here with Olly who has let loose lately. Even Ryder, who I have no respect for has turned.





  30. And yet, I still think we might get a draw against Spurs. Is that total contradictory madness?


  31. I think that Charnley and Carr thought Bruce might resign if they undermined him with Jones. That was never going to happen. He wants the payoff. He has never done “the right thing”. He has only ever left when there was a better opportunity. He is as much of a mercenary as most of the players are.

    I really think that Bruce is the worst Manager in the PL after seeing him up close and listening to his patter. Maybe the worst in the history of the PL but he has some good competition there from Ugly John Carver.


  32. Let’s look at the dynamic of the Graeme Jones appointment. I am convinced Bruce had nothing to do with it. Charnley and probably Carr bring in a nobody to be senior to the other 2 Steves who have been with Bruce for years. He is given the title of “Assistant Head Coach”. He is also given a big welcoming party. What is Bruce supposed to think? It was obvious from the get go that Jones was care-taker-in-waiting. I knew it after about 30 seconds.

    But they didnt bank on Bruce’s ego and greed. He has done everything he can to undermine Jones and why not! Bruce isnt stupid, he is just crap at his job. He wants the payoff and he will get it. Or else, he just stays and does a crap job and gets paid 100k a month. Nice work if you can get it!

    Meanwhile, we sink. We suffer. We watch the players down tools.

    We hope they have enough pride to turn it around but would any of us like to work for Bruce? Or this nobody Graeme Jones? In a state of constant conflict with the other Steves who have also been [email protected] on by Charnley and Co but stay on because they have nowhere else to go and follow Bruce around like lost puppies.


  33. Eric Sykes:
    I only just read the Brighton match report and they are mad as hell and just dont want to take it anymore (as was said on that movie Network). I totally respect Olly on here but those guys on dot com have been at it a bit longer. They are fed up.

    I have been calling Bruce a fraud and a liar for a while now and I am happy to see kindred spirits at dot com but also here with Olly who has let loose lately. Even Ryder, who I have no respect for has turned.




    Eric – the difference for me mate is that Olly seems to recognise that he can make his point focusing on the football & not resorting to name calling.
    I think the name calling plays right into the hands of the Bruce supporters in the media.


  34. They just had a special on here about Shearer. I didnt know this, but is VERY LAST KICK as a footballer was that penalty against the Mackems at the SOL.


  35. I looked at Graeme Jones’ career and he was very much the journeyman footballer hopping around the lower leagues, Scotland and even the United States. I wouldnt say his playing career was a true apprenticeship for Management, but you never know!

    He coached with Martinez at Swansea and then Everton where they were sacked. He also followed Martinez to Belgium but left to join Darren Moore’s West Brom in the Championship. They were sacked.

    Then he became Manager of Luton where he was sacked with them in dire straights and very close to relegation. He didnt rejoin Martinez in Belgium though. Instead he went to Bournemouth in the Championship. They are currently 7th.

    Would anybody really say that is the CV of a man who was brought in to SAVE Newcastle? To usurp Bruce, teach the players new methods and override the existing coaches (the Steves)? Jones was obviously Caretaker-in-Waiting in case it went t!ts up. Well, it has but Ashley will not pull the trigger and clearly Bruce is not amused at being undermined.

    Jones was/is a very strange choice for his current role. Did they think he would be accepted because he is not Bruce and is a Geordie? That didnt happen with Ugly John Carver who actually had very similar “credentials” before being appointed NUFC Manager. At least the pickled walnut with hair managed to pull off a last gasp win to keep us up. I fear we might not be so luck this time even though we have better players.


  36. Bruce says he approved Jones. I dont think that means he recruited him though. I think it is a play on words and to say Jones is Bruce’s choice is a lie. It is like him saying he approved Joelinton and even St Max. Highly doubt it!!!! That would be Nickson and Charnley saying we got you a couple of players Steve, and him saying Aye, OK then and saying that was a rubber stamp. We know the way NUFC works. The only one with any say recently was Rafa. They even went above Keegan’s head and he won a multi-million pound settlement for it.

    How did that season end BTW after Keegan left?

    Does anybody seriously believe the fraud and liar Steve Bruce had anything to do with the appointment of Jones. His body language says otherwise. I would even go as far to say that he is openly ignoring Jones on the touchline.

    I really dont see how they thought this would end well. Even if we stay up there is obviously so much tension there that this cannot continue.


  37. I am very much glass half empty with the Jones situation now. I did say something but should have been louder, like everybody else should have been. I really cannot recall many asking what really were his credentials for the job. I always like to give new appointments a chance but I forget who we are dealing with – Ashley, Charnley and Bruce. This all falls firmly in the Anybody But Bruce category so nobody actually took much of a critical look at who this guy was/is.

    Maybe I missed the articles, but if there were any there werent many. And they certainly did not dissect Jones’ career.


  38. kimtoon:
    Why can’t we put Bruce on gardening leave.

    Doesnt he have a farm in the NW? What does he grow there? Cabbages, I expect.


  39. God there is so much doom and gloom and I am caught up in it as well. Even with Bruce and Jones we have a chance. We just do not set up well against Brighton but some of the other teams we play are beatable. We have better players than Sheffield, Burnley and Fulham. If Bruce and Jones can get their sh!t together and stop acting like an old married couple with the ignoring and sideways glances then we stand a chance. They have to stand up and be men, be professionals FFS.

    I know we have only won 2 in 18 but Miggy, Wilson and St Max are the best forward line in the bottom half and are supported by 2 decent players in Fraser and Murphy.

    Pity about our midfield though 🙂


  40. I dont think I get the internet. Rio has a youtube channel. Who actually subscribes to that unless it is to troll him? And he has clothing sold at SD. Again, who really wants to be associated with Rio Ferdinand? I am guessing it is tat sold at a cheaper price than the regular brands but I have never seen it.

    Same with Jesse Lingard. Last I heard his clothing range with his own JLingz logo on it was running at a big loss. He may have shut it down, I dont know. Shows his ego as well but I am glad he is back on track at Wham. He never seemed like a bad person, just a bit full of himself and needed bringing down a peg or 2 and that is what happened at Man U. Pity it hasnt happened to Rio and he is still given a platform to spout utter nonsense.


  41. I see some people slagging Fraser off for lack of effort. That includes John Gibson in The Chronic today. I havent seen that. He has put in some decent crosses when played in his correct position and who plays a 5-4 winger as a number 9? That’s what has been done to him – a 9, 2 false 10s and split strikers. The lad must not know if he is coming or going. Plus he gets no support, just like the rest of our forwards because the midfield just sit back and accept their fate. There was a short attempt at a bit of pressing but that went out the window in the last game.

    We would be mad to give up on Fraser. We need him on the field if only for set pieces. Anybody who has ever read anything I have written on here know my opinion of Shelvey and dead ball situations. He should never be allowed to take any ever again except as a short corner diversionary tactic, so we need someone else.

    And speaking of Jonjo, what is he bringing now? In the Brighton game he wasnt even trying his hollywood passes he was hoofing it to open spaces. Presumably to easy pressure.

    We have some winnable games. Not least Fulham away who most are acting like they are suddenly Bayern Munich. They are not!!!! They have as many flaws as us including a really crap defense. We have been able to pull off some unexpected wins in the past, even Ugly John Carver did it with a decimated squad.


  42. But can Brucie be relied upon to put aside his ego and work with Jones, instead of against him. Or is Bruce just working for the payoff? He is looking like Moyes when he was at Sunderland. I have watched a couple of West Ham games and the body language from the Mackems to now with Moyes is night and day. Bruce has the same look of dejection and bemusement now and for the sake of the club he supposedly loves he has to shake it off and find a way for him and his army of coaches to work together.

    Kimtoon thinks he should be put on gardening leave but that is never going to happen. And as I have said earlier in this thread – WHO IS GRAEME JONES ANYWAY!? What has he ever done to deserve to be NUFC assistant manager?


  43. heard a storey today dont now how true it is but from good link Bruce refused to take training on Thursday ??? 😯


  44. icedog:
    heard a storey today dont now how true it is but from good link Bruce refused to take training on Thursday ??? 😯

    Wow, why ?, -player revolt perhaps.


  45. So Fraser had a good game for Scotland and scored. This was AFTER what I was saying earlier on here about him being played out of position and given undue criticism. This was coming from some press such as Gibbo and also some fans.

    Cannot people realise that Bruce is a sh!t manager who doesnt know what he is doing but even more that he has been undermined with the appointment of Graeme Jones and his fragile ego cannot take it. But he wants the payoff. Our payoff as fans is 50/50 relegation. They have created chaos and the players know it. I am sure they had never heard of 2 false 10s and split strikers and most probably had never heard of Graeme Jones.

    They need to get their act together and come up with a real plan for when our pretty good attacking players are available again. And they cannot jettison Fraser and make him the odd man out. He has been played out of position and should not be shouldering the blame for the coaches’ failings.

    No wonder the players are fed up, the squad is fractured and there is a possible mutiny. Which wont happen by the way, but there will be rumblings. They need to get their sh!t together and stop the in-fighting or we are as good as done.


  46. Kimtoon: do you remember the player “revolt” at the South African World Cup? They had all being grumbling about Fabio Capello and even being in a lock down at the training camp. All of the players had got together and moaned. John Terry then had a press conference thinking he was speaking for the group. They all deserted him and threw him under the bus.

    I am just seeing so many echoes of this at NUFC. But at least Cappello’s coaches were on board. We have 2 half wits – Bruce and Jones – with conflicting ideas confusing all of the players. Maybe Charley’s plan was that if we have 2 half wits it will make a whole wit?


  47. I really dont get how these people who run our club cannot see what is as plain as day. We know that Bruce loses the players after they have listened to his rubbish for about a year and he will get the team relegated or he will be sacked before the relegation. We also know that bringing in somebody with a different philosophy over his head and to replace his loyal puppies is never going to sit well. It was always going to cause conflict and confusion unless we won like 3 games in a row with a score of 3-nil. How can they not see this?

    I am mad about what is happening but probably even more mad that these people are just idiots.


  48. So Dwight signs a new 3 year deal. Not sure if that is so we can get a fee if we sell him but he is certainly our best back up to Fraser.

    We are going to need Gayle, Wilson, Fraser, St Max and Almiron if we are going to get out of this mess. Tell me any bottom half team who has better forwards. Not sure about Murphy but he has looked promising. Benching Donkey is addition by subtraction.

    I am still not sure what the hell Bruce and Jones have been doing with Gayle and Fraser but they have to wake up at some point.

    Our problem/achilles heel is obviously midfield and especially Shelvey who the games seem to be passing by.


  49. So we’ve given a 31yr old who we don’t play when we desperately need a goal scorer a 3 yr contract extension.

    Speaks volumes about the ambition of both NUFC & Gayle really doesn’t it?!.

    It’s probably cheaper to keep Gayle than let him go & bring in better.
    But for Gayle – why would you entertain the idea of staying at a club that doesn’t play you despite the manager (for want of a better title) not picking you & regularly saying in the media that we are weak up front – let alone commit your final 3 years to them. Easy money though.


  50. Bruce isn’t playing Gayle – I don’t think he wants him in his squad – if he did, why not play him ahead of Joelinton or Fraser (both wingers).

    I feel like Bruce wants out – but wants to be sacked & pick up his pay. The club want Bruce out but want him to quit to save paying him.

    The club are making decisions without Bruce – bring in Jones & resigning Gayle in a hope Bruce thinks ‘[email protected] this, I’m off’. But I don’t think Bruce will because this will be his last job I reckon – certainly in the PL.

    But Bruce hates his job now, you can see it. I think he’s doing everything to get the sack now – giving players as many days off, fighting with players, and of course the football we are playing.

    This isn’t some well thought out plan to go down to secure a takeover outside PL regulations.

    This is nothing more than 2 stubborn [email protected]!ts playing stupid schoolboy games with our football club – it’s my ball and you’re not playing. Only it’s a £4m tug of war.


  51. jabba brought Jones in to undermine Bruce hoping he would walk it has not happened,Jones does all the training with the players Bruce only job is to pick the team so he picks the players he likes not what they have done on training ground that is what is causing unrest between the players and Bruce,he needs out very quick but he is holding on for a pay off,Bruce imo will not get another job in PL or CCC,he wants to retire from the game so the storey goes,maybe he will get a job as a pundit


  52. Chronic did a survey that 14,000 answered and 95% wanted Bruce to leave. Didnt he think that it was only a few “keyboard warriors” who were against him? It shows again how deluded he is.

    You would think that if fit the front 3 and back 4 pick themselves but Bruce keeps trying to force Donkey, Shelvey, Hendrick, Krafth and Lewis into the team. That is literally half the outfield players who should be on the bench. People say Lewis is young but he really hasnt shown much at all so for at least the next 9 games he should be backup.

    I dont really know what midfield I would play against Spurs but suspect Bruce will go Shelvey, Hendrick and S Longstaff. He will trot out the words that he going with experience.

    If he mentions his own PL experience again, like it is a good thing, I am going to go bonkers. We all knew his record when he was hired. I was willing to give him until Xmas in the 1st year to prove me wrong because when he relegated teams they had crap players. At least we had a base for him to work with. And remember back then we didnt know how bad Joelinton was. We had just smashed the club transfer record and there was hope even though his record in Germany was not that great. Remember also Juien Naglesmann, probably the rising managerial star in world football, was playing him. How bad, or good, could he be?

    We soon found out.

    Then there was Sean Longstaff. Him and Hayden had looked good together before his injury. There were quotes of a 25 mil bid from Man U. You would be lucky to get 2 point 5 mil now.

    What I am saying is that despite Bruce;s record there was a bit of hope. And then adding Wilson, Fraser and Lewis this year should have seen us push on. It just shows how bad this man is at his job to waste that sort of talent when we already had the likes of Dubravka and Almiron.


  53. Bruce is delusional. He thinks he is the best man for the NUFC job and there is nobody better out there. He took 2 clubs down and was only spared a 3rd because the Mackems sacked him.


  54. The interesting thing about Olly’s quotes of suckup Edwards’ article is that there was no mention of Graeme Jones and the Steves. I dont have access to the Telegraph so maybe there was more in the full article?

    Edwards had subtle digs at the local press and the fans. He used to work at The Journal but he is letting his friendship with Bruce cloud his judgement. Same with a lot of the Southern Press and Pundits who even now defend Bruce as a “good bloke”. No he is not. He is petty and vindictive and puts on his Mr Nice Guy fraud when he is with his Pals on the golfcourse, dinner circuit and the Sky couch.


  55. According to Luke Edwards, Bruce thought “long and hard about his position at the club”. His conclusion – that he is the best man for the job. And that was reiterated in his meeting with Charnley.

    You know what this reminds me of? When George W Bush was running for President he asked Dick Cheney to do the search and the vetting of candidates for VP. Who did Cheney come back with as the best candidate? HIMSELF. That didnt end well though, it ended with the Iraq war and the total destabilization of the middle east.

    I fear the NUFC equivalent in Bruce’s words – RELEGATION.


  56. storey still doing the rounds.jabba DID ask Rafa if he would return to SJP out come unknow what happened but it looks like he said no

    Murphy offered new contract looks like we are getting ready for CCC with Gayle signing new contact for less money


  57. NUFC’s form since Callum Wilson got injured is W-0, D-3, L3. That’s 3 points from 18 available or to put it another way half a point per game. Steve “Mr. it’s an accumulation of points” Bruce should ponder that.

    To avoid relegation you pretty much need a point per game which would have meant getting 6 from the last 18 points available. Bruce has failed. The new system has failed, whatever that might be. Bringing in Jones over Bruce’s head has failed.

    This is not even counting the 2 wins in the last 18 PL games.

    Bruce is delusional if he thinks he is doing a good job and is “best man for the job”.

    How the hell we still have a chance of survival I dont know with these stats.


  58. So, let’s examine a few of the things “Mr Accumulation of Points” has said:

    * on points accumulation we are currently at less than 1 point per game. Shearer was relegated on 38 points, i.e. a point per game.

    *it is only the “Keyboard Warriors” who are against him and most NUFC fans back him. In The Chronicle survey of 14,000 fans 95% wanted him sacked. Even accounting for a bias that the indifferent fans simply wouldnt vote that is a staggeringly high percentage.

    * he says he is the best man to avoid relegation. He has taken Hull and Brum and would have relegated the Mackems if they hadnt have sacked him.

    I know this is all old news but he is still spouting the same shyte so he should still be called out on it.


  59. This is an article from The Guardian that purports to show which teams have the easiest and hardest run-ins. If you look at it, the main conclusion you can come to is that all teams have about the same degree of difficulty. Ours and Fulhams are almost identical, but there is hardly any difference in any of the teams’ degree of difficulty. It is sort of an article about nothing except you can come the conclusion that whatever Bruce says about us having the hardest run in that is simply not true.

    It is in our hands. That might be the problem 🙂


  60. We need a Bruce special this weekend where the other team has 20 shots and we get a draw.

    Is it more important for Wilson or Grealish to be fit this weekend? I would say Grealish.


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