Steve Bruce wants “what’s best” for NUFC, yet refuses to walk away – I think we know why…

In his latest pre-match press conference, Steve Bruce has claimed “I only want what’s best for the club.” but following up with “I’ll never walk away from the challenge.”

I think I echo the thoughts and feelings of many Newcastle fans here when I say that if he were to “walk away from the challenge” then he absolutely would be doing the “best for the club.”

Personally, I’m of the mindset now that Steve Bruce is a man sitting and waiting for himself to get the boot along with lovely big pay off that would entail.

His antics with the fans, media, players and even little things like putting the pay-per-play player on for an unsubstantial amount of time, seem like things that would annoy the owner and result in Bruce getting sacked and also getting a big sackful of money. But the big thing that sticks out to me as someone goading a job termination is his admittance of not being “good enough to get the results the club demands.”

Essentially what he’s saying here is “I’m not good enough but I’m not leaving by my own accord.”

Also, given that the “club demands” are, by his own admission, to survive relegation, surely this is a message to Mike Ashley that if he wants a Premier League club, he’ll have to part with some money.

I’d much rather Bruce grew a conscience and walked away but I think he’s baiting Ashley for cold, hard cash.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Bruce wants “what’s best” for NUFC, yet refuses to walk away – I think we know why…

  1. TIME for CHANGE – DON’T GO BACK as long as Bruce, MD Charmless and the clown that’s buying up empty rooms on the High street, P!SS OFF

    What a bunch of wasters


  2. You can see why Bruce won’t walk away who else would take a clueless third rate manager on apart the FCB ,don’t think I will be going back to the ground as long as this hopeless bunch are in charge,New low in the mags history and they just do not care sad days!!!!j


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