Steve Bruce’s time on Tyneside is coming to an end – If relegation doesn’t seal his fate, we will

I was asked yesterday whether I thought Bruce would get sacked if we lose to Brighton. It would certainly make a desperate situation almost unrecoverable. Given that we’ve not won any ‘winnable’ games of late, a defeat at Brighton may well tip even Mike Ashley over the edge.

However, my answer was a truly short no! I’m afraid I don’t think they are going to sack him until its mathematically certain we’re down.

For a football club as ‘big’ as Newcastle to get relegated with all that’s going on off the pitch would be a footballing disaster. Not least for its undying, devoted fan base. They would just not deserve such a fate. But it’s looking more likely by the game – even if Fulham’s loss last night gives us a slither of hope heading into tonight’s six-pointer.

So, for me Bruce will be gone if we are relegated – that seems clear given survival is the essential part of Ashley’s unambitious remit. We could then get the new man in as soon as possible so they can have time to look at what’s needed and how to sort it. If anyone can of course!

If we don’t go down – on my knees praying right now as I type – I think he’ll leave early into the new season, if not in the summer. He’s surely proved to everyone that he can’t take a Premier League Club forward and he’d be reminded of that when fans are allowed to return to St James’ Park.

Let’s get one thing clear survival WOULD NOT be a success or cause for celebration. Survival should not only be a seasonal guarantee for our great Club it should be a certainty and we should never be in that position with the resources at our disposal.

I was told that many fear Ashley would see him as ideal for the Championship if we went down as no one has more promotions! Really….are we really going to think about that after all that has happened or perhaps not happened in the last 18 months or so?!

Furthermore, I just can’t see how he can stay in charge if and when fans are allowed back in! Can you imagine what the atmosphere would be like? Talk about toxic! I actually think he might not even be sacked but because of fan’s feeling would walk with a secret payoff. Bruce constantly bemoans his luck, yet in truth he’s the luckiest man on Tyneside to have had 12 months without fans – because I am certain an overwhelming ‘BRUCE OUT’ chant would’ve made Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley see sense a little sooner!

I could be wrong and he might be here to stay – even in the event of relegation – but surely Ashley and co. MUST know that it would turn nasty and that can’t happen when there has to be a feel-good factor / momentum put in place to give us any chance of getting promoted if we go down.

There’s no doubt that whatever division we’re in fans would make up for lost time and vent at him for either taking us down or almost taking us down with all the negativity that has abounded ever since his appointment. I suspect he’d also blame relegation on injuries and COVID if the worst did happen, not his awful management, which would only deepen fan frustrations.

Either way, he has to go and for me he’d a dead man walking. Can you imagine what will happen if we’re allowed 10, 000 in our final home game against Sheffield United? Especially if we need a win to keep us up or with a chance that we could stay up. Would the fans forget about Bruce and get behind the team? That will be an interesting conundrum!

Go down and he has to be sacked because of miserably failing to meet his requirements. Survive and if fans are back at SJP they’re going to make their feelings known and speed up the decision that should’ve happened months ago. One of the reasons he’s not been sacked is because there’s been no fans to show how sick they really are!

Right now, it would be SO toxic at SJP if it weren’t for COVID! Leave him in charge whatever division we’re in would be another sad chapter in our tragic history under him. That’s why I’m even trying to find solace in the thought of relegation. Surely it must happen one way or another.

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8 thoughts on “Steve Bruce’s time on Tyneside is coming to an end – If relegation doesn’t seal his fate, we will

  1. Bruce is the reason we are on the brink of relegation. Get rid of him asap and there is still a chance.
    No Bruce, no joelinton and we have a new team. What’s wrong with Jones? He was involved once and produced a rare win. Give him a chance.


  2. surely we should all know ashley by now, he does not two hoots for newcastle united football club and he will just go on his merry way to try and sicken the fans off.


  3. Ashley only cares if he loses £

    So if we draw or lose to Brighton and he doesn’t sack the Clown then business leaders and government will see the Fat Girl as he really is = CLUELESS and guided by petty hate towards the fans!

    He simply has done everything based on the fans no longer wanting him in the stands

    On the absolute waster that is Bruce – the p!ss soaked clown is a fraud and should grow a pair and RESIGN – look at the example you’re setting to yr Daughter ALEXa


  4. I agree with most points but IMHO if fans are stupid enough to go back it tells the owner everything is all right, there is no problem. So 10k so called fans allowed back into St James park, they shout ” Bruce out ” decibel level about 10. If there are no fans in the stadium the emphatic decibel level is deafening and sends a resounding message to the media, the owner and the pundits we have had enough and will take no more. If only that would happen, there are far too many sycophants who put their own self centred pleasure above that of the club, after K.K left the second time I took a page out of his book and stayed away as he stated ” This club will go nowhere under this owner “. He was absolutely correct in everything he said and I have never gone back since, oh yes it hurts but going back in MHO would inflict pain and suffering on the club I love, like watching a friend get a kicking and not being able to help him! Stay away and things will change mark my words!


  5. “…a slither of hope”? Surely that should be “sliver”?

    I suppose that’s what happens when the uneducated have access to a keyboard.

    I love the way the fans weigh in on Bruce because he’s hopeless when, performance-wise, having actually been doing better than Rafa for most of the season, following horrendous injury and COVID issues he’s now just a couple of points behind where Rafa was at the same stage of his seasons in charge.

    I just have one question. Okay – maybe 2.

    If Bruce keeps us up what on earth makes you think that Ashley would want to get rid of him? He will have achieved his goal and he’ll be set for another season.

    The second question – what super power do you have that makes you think you (or the other deluded fans) can get rid of Bruce? Fans have been going on about this for ages – but they refuse to accept that Ashley just doesn’t care about their opinion. If we stay up, Bruce will stay and there’s nothing you can do about it, apart from stay away, and many of us actually look forward to that happening.


  6. Ken Hall:
    Bruce is the reason we are on the brink of relegation. Get rid of him asap and there is still a chance.
    No Bruce, nojoelintonand we have a new team. What’s wrong with Jones? He was involved once and produceda rare win.Give him a chance.


  7. I’ve nothing against Newcastle as team but it would be better for Newcastle to sack him now as a Sheffield Wednesday supporter will never forget the way he sh”t on us it would be a shame to see a good team like Newcastle go down because of his poor management


  8. JFA 127

    I gave up reading your post after the first paragraph, “performance – wise ” we have been absolutely woeful for all of the season apart from a couple of lucky results. If you think Bruce is “better ” than Rafa then you have serious issues. Bruce is the most incompetent manager I have seen in my lifetime – and his overall premier league record proves it


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