Brutal Steve Bruce banner pictured outside SJP as Newcastle fans issue new message – Photo

Wor Flags unveiled their most devastating banner yet outside St James’ Park as they called for Steve Bruce to get out of our club.

Last night’s disastrous 3-0 defeat at Brighton stunk of a side hurtling towards a third relegation of the Mike Ashley era, with calls for Bruce to go louder than ever across social media.

The banner labels him as a “coward”, a reference to the training ground bust-up a few weeks ago with Matt Ritchie.

It also blasts the former Sunderland manager and Man Utd captain for not being one of us, with the viral image asking him to “LEAVE NOW” sending a strong message to Mike Ashley.

Here is the banner that was displayed outside the ground last night:

Sadly, it seems this latest display of clear anger, frustration and utter discontent will fall on deaf ears, with Sky Sports reporting that Mike Ashley is set to stick with his man.

10 thoughts on “Brutal Steve Bruce banner pictured outside SJP as Newcastle fans issue new message – Photo

  1. It’s so so toxic at nufc, it’s not Bruce fault he is only doing what he has always did in the PL, lose games and fight relegations. He must have taught he won the lottery when Charnley rang him up and then agreed to pay 4-6million compo to have him takeover. The clever chaps who employed Bruce are the ones who should be facing the firing squad, not the poor incompetent Bruce.


  2. There’s nothing brutal about that.

    He went to WBA & Brighton and played not to lose rather than try and win – COWARD!!.

    He’s not one of us. He’s sent the season slanging the fans off and making out the team we’re struggling because of the unrealistic pressure we put on him.
    He came in saying he knew what the fans wanted then played 20-30% possession – very much NOT what we want.

    He was a championship manager when we took him, and he proved with Villa that he couldn’t cut it at that level.


  3. So Ashley has deaf ears we’ll wait to next season when the he can’t sell tickets this is the power the supports have crowds of 3000 or less are the future so he can think hie loyal servent Bruce for making for making a loss what a loyal servent


  4. Don’t you get it = he can’t believe that the Club haven’t sacked him for the complete mess he’s created

    **** = he could have got 2 other jobs – and been paid off – in the time it’s taking the Hapless MD Charmless to do anything!

    The focus needs to be on the MD and NUFC Board = yes Bruce is on par with Linear and McBrolly BUT it’s also…

    …FORTY MILLION for a static post & Hendrick from Burnley Women’s Second 11 & backslider Fraser = he didn’t want to come and messed the club around in the hope some other club had less moral’s

    Get your posters out with faces and names of the MD and Board

    Let’s just stay away from this mess and SPORTS DEFECT


  5. Yes Bruce is useless!
    But Ashley hired him, so that makes Ashley even more useless!
    Ashley in his wisdom sanctioned £40 million on Joelinton, who couldn’t hit a a Barn door sitting on the latch.
    Benitez wanted £16 million to keep Rondon and this was refused, as was any ambitious plan for this club.
    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face!
    It could only happen under an arrogant regime that Ashley presides over, he wants to get his greedy hands on the money for selling the club and leaving the S**T for someone else to clear up which is an ageing squad that will need a total overhaul, because when we go down any players that are half decent will be away.


  6. I refuse to shave until Bruce is gone. I’m 10 days in. Who’s going to join me in protest? I hope there will be players with beards growing too. Its in all our interest. Bruce and Ashley are a disgrace to Newcastle United.


  7. Another 3years of bruce and toon will be playing pools at the vic in the national league the mans absolutely without a clue ????


  8. Took the foot off the pedal when we were winning Man U who at the time were having a bad time. He is tactically clueless and he should have known that no one can succeed under Ashley. No doubt the morons will continue to turn up at SJP and to them I say your are no better than Bruce. Only way to get rid of Ashley is not to line his pockets and we’ll eventually get our club back. I can’t live another 14 years under Ashley and Championship football.


  9. Can somebody please tell me how Ashley Is a billionaire. Honestly which business person cannot see that losing 4 million is better then 200 million. Maybe it is better we get relegated and the new owners buy the club for much cheaper Ashley loses his money and we have a fresh rebuild I cannot see it any other way lads.


  10. Anyone who says it’s not Bruce’s fault we are in this mess get real. He picks the team and does the training sessions. He was never gonna do anything when appointed manager and we all knew this he gets sacked everywhere he goes, apart from here. If the so called man thinks anything about his boyhood team he should walk away uve failed again miserably. Stick to the championship where u belong.


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