Devastating news as Mike Ashley’s stance on Steve Bruce’s future is revealed by Sky Sports

Sky Sports’ North East reporter Keith Downie has revealed that Steve Bruce looks set to cling onto his job despite last night’s horror show on the South Coast.

He reports that Mike Ashley has no intention of giving him the sack, instead planning to “repay Bruce’s loyalty” and expecting the “manager and players to step up in the coming weeks”.

This comes after calls for Bruce’s head were louder than every last night, with us putting in perhaps the worst display of the Mike Ashley era in a 3-0 defeat to relegation rivals Brighton.

Many expected Bruce to be sacked immediately after the game, or at the very latest Monday morning, yet it seems our deluded owner is happy to see us sleepwalk towards another relegation.

Here’s what Downie’s had to say in a devastating Sunday morning update:

Although it’s entirely unsurprising, this news serves as concrete proof that Mike Ashley simply couldn’t care less about the fortunes of our club.

He continues to neglect us in times of struggle, yet somehow he is deemed perfectly fit and proper by the Premier League?

An alien could tell you that Bruce needs to be sacked – immediately – to have any glimmer of hope in saving our already turgid season.

5 thoughts on “Devastating news as Mike Ashley’s stance on Steve Bruce’s future is revealed by Sky Sports

  1. he expects the manager and players to step up, that aint going to happen,1 is incapable and the players arent playing for the deluded moron watch afew feigning injuries shortly so they dont have to play for the idiot hes upset too many of the senior players nobody has any respect for him and most will be gone after relegation ashley couldnt care he will still get tv money and parachute payment to offset his losses


  2. Bruce keeps saying “ use my experience “
    He’s only experienced in losing games!!
    Have some pride in yourself and sod off
    I am just gutted


  3. This ISN’T any surprise to NUFC Supporters

    But if it was me that had a clapped out caravan that I used as a billboard to promote my company and the neighbours complained about it – it’s my Caravan so I’ll do exactly WHAT I WANT

    Then you hear the Manager trying to get himself sacked / Paid Off

    I’d keep the P!SS SOAKED NUMPTY in place and let he take the CLUB down into the championship – might lose a hundred million BUT I’ll sell it for more than I paid for it and I’ve asset striped the club over the 10 years and made a fortune promoting SPORTS DEFECT

    For what you’ve done to the club = I’m happy to see you lose hundreds of millions on very poor Business decision’s


  4. Yup let’s hope Ashley loses millions once we drop into the chamionship any other club would of sacked this muppet by now. He has lost the dressing room so the players aren’t playing for him. Our next run of 7 games will not bring any points by that time Fulham will be sat well above us.


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