Savage & Sutton admit they like to wind up NUFC fans as they complete Steve Bruce u-turn

Is life fair when so-called over expectant fans with far more knowledge and savvy continually get it right and so-called expert pundits who are paid vast fortunes get it so wrong.

Let’s take the Gruesome Twosome for example. Mr Bang-average footballer Robbie Savage and his sarcastic and caustic chum Chris Sutton. Both of these have gone on and on all season about how Bruce is the man and Newcastle are lucky to have him.

They’ve sung the praises of his virtues and even when things have gone wrong have somehow always deflected the blame away from their “mate.” The mate that loves this Club of ours and considers himself a true Geordie…yet still doesn’t even live in the region.

But, suddenly the worm(s) have turned. After that abject, abysmal effort or lack of effort at the weekend even unsavvy Savage thinks we’re doomed and can’t see where we can get three wins from.

“I have been absolutely hammered by Newcastle fans on social media and I cannot defend that performance,”

“Steve Bruce is in a very difficult situation now. They were shocking. I know Newcastle fans will say me and Chris stick up for Steve Bruce because we like him.

“Listen, we are honest and I think now, the situation is, do I think Steve Bruce and Newcastle can win another three games between now and the end of the season?

“Right now, I don’t think they can.

“I think me and Chris always try to be honest and, of course, we like to wind a few up.

“But Steve Bruce is a good man, I know him personally, but if this is any other manager in the Premier League I think me and Chris would be saying: How can he go on?

“At this minute in time, watching that performance at Sheffield United, watching that performance against Brighton, I would say his position now is so difficult to continue.”

We can tell you where the three wins should have come from. Sack Bruce at Christmas and then I’m sure we’d have gotten more points out of games against Wolves, West Brom, Aston Villa and Brighton! Now? I actually agree with him where oh where do we get points from?

Savage though in making his u-turn still hasn’t fully turned on his mate. He hasn’t directly criticised him but does concede that under him it seems likely there’s only one place for us to go. Quite the reversal I’d say, so how can it be fair that he earns the money he does for being proved wrong and completely clueless? At least admit you’re wrong if you’re going to u-turn after spouting rubbish and laughing off Newcastle fans calling into your show all season!

Words fail me, well they don’t but you know what I mean. His stance now is so far removed from where he was it’s frankly ridiculous. Plus he admits to deliberately winding fans up. Now I’m all for a bit of fun and a laugh but how unprofessional of a so-called professional to be so flippant.

It’s simply not right and a total insult to the long suffering over-expectant NUFC fan base and that’s me being polite. As for his mate Sutton? Well he still believes in Bruce and still thinks he’ll guide us to safety which probably goes to prove the theory that there’s always one.

Although even Sutton has said that there’s no way he can see Bruce staying in the job even if we survive. That puts me in a position I never thought I’d be in as I actually agree with him as well! Bruce can’t be allowed to front an NUFC at St James’ Park even if it’s only half-full. He could get lynched!

Here’s what he had to say on BBC Radio 5Live:

“I think we have always understood the frustration.

“The one thing I don’t like is the personal aspect towards Steve Bruce. He is a decent bloke but I think the fans have turned against him.

“In many respects, I am surprised Steve Bruce hasn’t walked away before now just because of the whole situation.

Even if he went on a run and won games, I don’t think the trust would be there from Newcastle fans and I think it is sad how it has panned out for him.

“Do I think Newcastle will stay up? Yes, I do. Just. But will that be enough for Steve Bruce to take the club forward next season?

I cannot see him being in charge for the first game of next season, regardless if they stay up.”

So what else isn’t fair. Well, if you have a job and you’re only getting about 10% of it right would you expect to get kept on in that job? Even more astonishingly, if you did get sacked would you get £4m in compensation. To me that has to be the only reason that Bruce is still in a job.

So that’s not fair is it? Do a terrible job and walk away richer leaving the “company” in a worse position than when you got there! Only in football I suspect that could happen. It really is mind-boggling what goes on at times and even then we probably don’t even know 10% of the actual reality!

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