Rio Ferdinand makes embarrassing new claims about Mike Ashley & Newcastle fans

Rio Ferdinand has a history of making absolutely pathetic comments about both Mike Ashley and us Newcastle United fans.

After previously defending our lack of investment incase new signings ‘get injured’ and demanding that NUFC supporters say ‘thank you’ for the money he spent after relegation, the BT Sport pundit is now saying we can’t complain about his actions unless we ’round up our money’ and buy the club ourselves. Yes…really!

The Man Utd legend also insists that, whether we like it or not, it’s his money, it’s up to him what he does with the club and that he does not care what we think. All of this is sadly true, but it’s frankly embarrassing the way Ferdinand almost tries to endorse his miserable style of ownership!

As you can see below, he speaks like a man trying to get in Mike Ashley’s good books – and he probably is based on a recent clothing brand launched at Sports Direct.

Here’s what he had to say on the FIVE youtube channel, with Joel Beya and Stephen Howson also weighing in with some baffling takes on the NUFC owner:

Joel Beya:

“What’s going on with Mike Ashley? You know what, let me tell you why I rate him. This guy is not moving you know. It don’t matter what anyone says. Since I have been a kid, yeah, it has been Mike Ashley out [from Newcastle fans] and the most you will get is, yeah, he’s thinking of selling the club, but it’s not happening. What does he want to do with it?”

Rio Ferdinand:

“He don’t care what people think.

“It’s his club and he’s doing what he wants to do.

“Whether you like it or not, he’s the one that’s put the money up and he’s doing what he thinks is right for the club.

“Whether the Geordies don’t like it…

“A lot of them hate him and don’t like him but…

“Round your money up and take over the club then.”

Joel Beya:

“[You are a] Bad man.”

Stephen Howson:

“Why does Steve Bruce get no love?

“He’s a Geordie lad and he was doing, the last few weeks not so much…but he was doing a comparative job to what Benitez did there and they loved Benitez for that. And I think Benitez had a better side [than Steve Bruce]. I think he [Bruce] was doing a very decent realistic job at what is a yoyo club unless they stop selling their best players and investing.

“They are a club that annoys me actually. You [Newcastle United] are probably never going to be competing for the [Premier} League and the Champions League, why can’t they invest into their academy properly and create a pathway for young players?”

Rio Ferdinand:

“That’s my biggest point with Newcastle, like, they’ve got that area locked off, all of the north east is basically Newcastle’s because Middlesbrough aren’t in the Premier League, Darlington etc are not in the Premier League. So they have first dibs on all of the talent in the north east.

“Why have they not nurtured more more players into that first team? I don’t get it.

“Whether it is investment, or the quality of that the structure of that process at the club isn’t right.

“If I was a Geordie, if I was a Newcastle fan, that’s where I would be shouting and pointing my finger.

“Not enough has been done with the talent that must be kicking around in Newcastle. It’s impossible to think there aren’t more [good local players who should have been developed].”

Joel Beya:

“It’s a shame because when you look at their stadium, it’s fit for Europe man.”

Rio Ferdinand:

“Aaaah, what a place [St James Park] to play.

“I loved playing there, what a place to play.

“We used to hurt them but it was an unbelievable place to play.

“What a stadium.

“We were beating them one time…and this is how good their fans are, the Geordies yeah.

“I have to just tip my hat to them. We were beating them something like 6-1 and they were still singing their songs for their club and clapping their team.

“It was unbelievable and all our players were in the changing room, saying did you hear that? Did you hear what was going on there.

“Like anywhere else they are getting booed off. Unbelievable.”

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One thought on “Rio Ferdinand makes embarrassing new claims about Mike Ashley & Newcastle fans

  1. Rio Ferdinand wants to make his mind up. First he’s dissing the fans then he’s telling them they are fantastic for cheering the team on and singing there praises after a 6-1 beating. Make your mind up Rio. Then he’s telling them to have a whip round to buy the club themselves. What planet are you on Rio living in your millionaires bubble. The North East is one of the poorest in the country.
    What a moronic statement! We know the club is being run badly we know the training facilities are crap we know the local talent has been coached and sold on for years . The responsibility for all that lies at the feet of your buddy Mike Ashley. If he had treated NUFC and the loyal fans with anything but disdain and
    using them as a cash cow he would have been treated with respect. For years he has been happy to ignore the club and take the money. You know nothing about the Geordie nation Rio. I don’t know what hold Mr. Ashley has over you but I wish you would mind your own business and stop spouting the same detritus about the people that you know nothing about. Your comments are worthless so keep them to yourself .


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