New report reveals alarming summer transfer plans if Mike Ashley fails to land takeover

Difficult decisions will need to be made in the coming weeks at Newcastle United – recruitment for players in the summer window and which manager will be in the dugout at the start of the 21/22 season.

The Chronicle claim that Newcastle are in a very difficult situation financially, losing out on around £40m over the past season as a result of no fans being at St James’ Park on a match day.

Mark Douglas’ latest piece also suggests that these financial struggles stopped Mike Ashley from spending in January and are actively playing a part in his decision to stick with Steve Bruce – with a payout of around £4m due should he sack the 60-year-old.

He also reports that no takeover will result in a summer transfer window revolving around free agents, loan signings and permanent deals funded by outgoings – an approach that would put off a host of potential replacements had he sacked Steve Bruce.

So, it seems we may spend the summer looking to land loans, cut-price deals and bargains from abroad – a grim reminder of life under Mike Ashley.

As for the estimated £40m loss without fans, that figure alone shows why Ashley is not acting and sacking Steve Bruce, with us sleepwalking ever closer to a third relegation under his ownership. Reports this week claim Ashley is backing Bruce to keep Newcastle in the Premier League next season. Another gamble from the owner who desperately needs the Premier League TV money –  which they will collect by staying in the league next season.

The owner is either unwilling or unable to inject funds into the club, emphasising the importance of a potential takeover – not that this is something we can hang our hat on anymore.

Newcastle United is now a ghost ship sailing towards another season in the Championship and many fans can agree, we will not come straight back up like the last two times under Ashley. He now has a big decision to make – take a short term hit by sacking Bruce to keep any survival hopes alive, or stick with him and get relegated, resulting in him losing around £100m-£150m from his sale price and lessen the chance of any takeover happening.

Very depressing times to be a fan to say the least and I cannot see it getting any better until Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce are as far away from Newcastle United as possible.

6 thoughts on “New report reveals alarming summer transfer plans if Mike Ashley fails to land takeover

  1. I think that the fans may finally be steaming towards a showdown with MA. Prior to MA we have been in bad situations but we have had players who fight for the club or even their own self pride. In these dark times the football is certainly the worst I’ve ever seen, the players don’t seem to have any fight in them or even care about what is happening, the manager is completely clueless and has no shame and no clue, the owner …….well the owner is MA and I don’t need to say anything else about him. They might be allowing fans back soon but who will want to be a part of the once great Newcastle United? I think you’d get more entertainment watching your money burn on a fire than being a part of this sinking ship


  2. If Ashley can’t be bothered why should we? Relegation this time will see a near empty ground whether pre-Covid supporters are allowed to return or not. Two or three seasons in the Championship without fans, first season parachute payments and pitiful TV money will finally focus Ashley’s mind. Serves him bloody right.


  3. Looks like we are planning (lack of planning) for a Double drop to the 3rd tier of Football with no income from the league. 👿


  4. Looks like a load of **** from the Chron…….again.

    They do alot of thinking and guessing don’t they.

    Mashley gone, stay up, Bruce gone and go from there.


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