Jamie Carragher ranks 10 greatest Premier League strikers – ‘Interesting’ result for Alan Shearer

As we know to our cost at Newcastle United, pundits are entitled to their opinions even when they are blatantly wrong.

Opinions are also meant to encourage discussion and controversy, and there’s little doubt that Carragher’s will as he has released his top 10 greatest Premier League strikers in a piece for The Telegraph:

  1. Thierry Henry
  2. Sergio Aguero
  3. Alan Shearer
  4. Didier Drogba
  5. Wayne Rooney
  6. Mo Salah
  7. Andy Cole
  8. Luis Suarez
  9. Dwight Yorke
  10. Harry Kane

Carragher in naming Henry as his #1 says. “There is only one winner in this list. It amazes me that anyone would ever debate it. It is not even close.”

Well, I have news for you Jamie, people will debate it all day long and you know that when you put your list out and made your big statement about Henry. Question is what do others think and what would be your top ten-list?

I’m not even going to attempt mine but I suspect if I did Alan Shearer might be a couple of places higher, Aguero might be a bit lower, Salah wouldn’t be in my top ten and neither would Harry Kane.

Shearer played, as much as we’d all like to differ, in a team that won nothing and even struggled at times but he consistently scored goals and no-one yet has got close to his total. So, for me if the #1 job of a striker is to score goals he gets #1 rating on that alone.

Aguero was and still might be brilliant next season for someone else. It helps of course that he’s played in a successful team with many superb creative influences around him. Shearer did have some great creative players around him but not all of the time!

Salah and Kane can’t be in the top ten as both are still playing and have, injuries or transfers aside, a few years left yet. If they continue in the same vein and in particularly in Kane’s case they may well earn a spot in the top ten.

Here’s four that didn’t make Carragher’s top ten and two that I’m surprised he didn’t name. Michael Owen (minus his Toon stint) and Robbie Fowler both of whom I’d have put in ahead of Mo Salah for Liverpool. Salah I’m presuming gets his place because Liverpool won the title!

The other two that came to my mind both played for the same Club. Eric Cantona may not have been prolific but certainly had a huge influence on Man. Utd’s success as did the highly prolific Ruud van Nistelroy. Surely they both deserve a spot.

Oh, and there’s Ian Wright too! See what I mean about lists? I was asked the other day to list my top ten songs of all-time. I think I got it down to about 50 and then gave up! Every time you do one of these lists you change your mind, try it, you’ll see!

But I leave you with one thought and one thought only Alan Shearer definitely the GOAT in my eyes – and the number don’t lie.

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One thought on “Jamie Carragher ranks 10 greatest Premier League strikers – ‘Interesting’ result for Alan Shearer

  1. Whist Shearer might be the no 1 premier league era striker, GOAT must include players from before then Dixie Dean by Numbers, Jimmy Greaves, Booby Charlton etc etc


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