Gabby Agbonlahor’s obsession with Steve Bruce takes tragic turn – Unbelievable comments

I think someone needs to remind diehard Aston Villa fan, Gabby Agbonlahor, that Steve Bruce made an absolute mockery of his club in the same way he is doing to us because the obsession is becoming unhealthy.

The former striker turned outspoken pundit has regularly defended the man who once managed him at Villa, however his latest comments on the situation are laughable to say the least.

Here’s what he’s had to say, asking Mike Ashley to back Bruce this summer once Newcastle fans ‘apologise’ for criticising him:

“I’ve said this all through the season that Steve Bruce deserved people to get off his back.

“He’s had a hard season with injuries, coronavirus affected his squad the most with players missing games.

“Once you get Callum Wilson back, once you get Allan Saint-Maximin back they’ll be a different team and it’s shown already.

“Newcastle will be absolutely fine, they’ve got no chance of going down. They will continue to get wins.

“Newcastle fans will owe Steve Bruce an apology for the way they’ve treated him.

“Hopefully the Newcastle chairman will give him some money in the summer to build an even better team.

“I’m happy for him and I’m happy that he’s got those players back.”

This point about injuries and Covid affecting the squad is such a lazy and boring way to defend Steve Bruce’s record.

Without going down the rabbit hole of Bruce always have terrible injury records due to his poor management; the fact of the matter is that we have consistently had players available that could make a difference if utilised properly.

Throughout this season we’ve had many examples of poor management that has nothing to do with injuries. Callum Wilson’s isolation up front, Saint-Maximin’s poor form in No.10, Almiron’s exclusion and the Sheffield United match alone are all reasons for our poor form this season and all of them are without the input of injury or coronavirus. These issues, along with a majority of the problems we’ve faced this season are purely down to Steve Bruce and his complete incompetence.

To say we’ve got “no chance of going down” is perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve read from a pundit this whole season. We are only six points ahead of the Relegation Zone with a litany of difficult matches (made more difficult by a defeatist manager) and final away game against the club we need to be most concerned about. There’s a chance we’ll be ok by then and there’s a chance we’ll pick up some wins but they are far from guaranteed and to suggest so is ridiculous.

Remember in the previous paragraph where I said I’d read the stupidest thing from a pundit all season? Well, I take it back and apply to Agbonlahor’s quote about owing “Steve Bruce an apology”…

I’m not going to dignify this with a detailed response because the sentiment is offensive and stupid. All I will say, on this, is that we, as Newcastle fans, owe Steve Bruce nothing pleasant. Steve Bruce owes Newcastle fans a whole lot for the turmoil he has put his through and if there is ever to be an apology made, then it should firmly come from him.

On the penultimate quote, Agbonlahor has obviously forgotten or ignored the fact that Steve Bruce has twice been backed substantially more than any of his predecessors by Mike Ashley. Steve Bruce has had two summer windows, one where he got the people he requested, and we have performed abysmally. No more money should be spent when Steve Bruce is in charge, quite frankly.

Last of us all, I couldn’t care less that Agbonlahor is happy. His happiness doesn’t mean a jot on the fact that our club is inwardly destroying itself with Bruce at the helm.

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