Former Mag becomes first ‘big six’ player to publicly reject European Super League plans – Video

James Milner has become the first ‘big six’ player to openly condemn plans to create a European Super League, saying he ‘doesn’t like it’ and ‘hopes it doesn’t happen.’

Following last night’s 1-1 draw between Leeds and Liverpool at Elland Road, the former Newcastle United midfielder was quizzed about the disgraceful power-grab plans – admitting that players only became aware of the ‘Super League’ when it broke yesterday.

This comes after Sky Sports duo Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher urged every manager, player and football fan to protest against the shambolic proposal that threatens to spoil the nation’s greatest sport.

Here’s what Milner had to say after last night’s game:

Let’s hope James Milner is the first of many players from Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal to take a stand against this criminal act against the game we love.

Money talks, but if there’s a widespread refusal to get behind such a grotesque plan, it could be stopped before it even gets the chance to get off the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Former Mag becomes first ‘big six’ player to publicly reject European Super League plans – Video

  1. It’s JUST leaving the Champions league NOT the Premiership = it’s just about money YES and it always will be – look in the mirror

    Then we have BBC Pundits waffling on about it’s all about money = what Hippocrates = they are fleecing the public (everyone including fans and elderly people)

    Get rid of the BBC should be the politician’s first concern AS THEY are only getting involved for votes to continue stuffing their pockets and claiming back TV Licences, Extra houses that they don’t give back at the end BUT sell the London properties and keep the ££££££££££

    Look it’s just the CHAMPION LEAGUE – press wagon with misleading stories and fans thinking it’s about the premiership


  2. If people think 6 teams guaranteeing themselves to get a extra £300m every season isn’t going to affect the PL then they are mistaken


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