James Corden shocks the football world with stunning rant on European Super League – Video

He may not be known for his views on football and tends to split opinion on these shores, but James Corden has surprised the footballing world with a powerful rant on the European Super League.

Corden became the latest celebrity to publicly condemn the controversial proposals, going on a passionate rant to his Late Late Show listeners as he signalled how damaging the plans would be for the English game.

In his speech – which you can watch in full below – he spoke about the community values that our football clubs have historically represented, with most originating from working-class roots and have now been hijacked by elitist billionaires that don’t care about the everyday fan.

Here is Corden’s emotional tirade in full; delivered to an American audience who won’t totally understand – making it that little bit better!

Well said.

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4 thoughts on “James Corden shocks the football world with stunning rant on European Super League – Video

  1. I hardly ever watch him. He is OK but not that funny. What they love about him here is his bit Car Pool Karoaki where he has celebs sing in their cars with him.

    He is doing a weight watchers ad here at the moment so it should be interesting to see what he looks like in 6 months.

    And then in 2 years, as all of these people who do these ads put the weight back on again 🙂


  2. And I dont agree that this is inevitable. I think it is a power play against Uefa and there will be a super league in some form but will have more of a competitive element than the current proposal.


  3. He’s NOT a football fan, he doesn’t like sport at all.
    He’s simply found a cause and jumped to the front.


  4. If the fans don’t buy into this Super League and there’s no money generated as these greedy B’s expect, then how will they sustain the SL. Some idiot I on television said the advertisers will go with the SL and there’ll be less money in the EFL. Hold on! These companies are not going to continue paying great sums of money to the SL when they don’t have an audience. This can be put to bed within one year, but it needs the fans to boycott the SL.
    Personally I’m in favour of them leaving and being banished from all competitions. It will then allow 6 clubs from every division to move to the next level.
    If these clubs decide to remain, the do as they did with Juventus and demote them to League 1.
    Arsenal and Spurs top six, West Ham and Leicester more like.


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