Premier League release new statement after 14 clubs hold meeting with Richard Masters on ESL

The Premier League have released a statement on the European Super League proposal following a meeting with the 14 clubs outside the so-called ‘big six’ today.

The EPL statement confirms that Newcastle United and the 13 other Premier League clubs involved in the meeting have ‘unanimously and vigorously’ rejected plans for the Super League.

Red the full statement below, stating that ‘all actions available’ are being considered to stop the ESL from going ahead – also suggesting that the six clubs involved in the breakaway proposal have broken EPL rules:

The Premier League, alongside The FA, met with clubs today to discuss the immediate implications of the Super League proposal.

The 14 clubs at the meeting unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans for the competition.

The Premier League is considering all actions available to prevent it from progressing, as well as holding those Shareholders involved to account under its rules. 

The League will continue to work with key stakeholders including fan groups, Government, UEFA, The FA, EFL, PFA and LMA to protect the best interests of the game and call on those clubs involved in the proposed competition to cease their involvement immediately.  

The Premier League would like to thank fans and all stakeholders for the support they have shown this week on this significant issue.

The reaction proves just how much our open pyramid and football community means to people.

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2 thoughts on “Premier League release new statement after 14 clubs hold meeting with Richard Masters on ESL

  1. Demote all clubs involved one league – promote top teams from championship and no relegation from premier league this season. All players for these clubs banned/barred from playing for national teams. Also all clubs involved banned from domestic cups for three years – show them football in general will not let their greed and self interest dominate football any longer. FIFA get your act together when teams are out the champions league they should no longer go into the final stages of the europa league cup who ever thought of that stupid idea ! No doubt same greedy self centered aresholes again.


  2. Unfortunately we should not blame or punish the players as this has all been done without their consent, they should be allowed to leave free of charge to join another club as I expect its outside of their present contracts. This should also go for managers as they were not approached either. Punish the owners not the team or managers.


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