Amanda Staveley quotes on failed Saudi takeover might just be listened to now…

We know that other clubs briefed heavily against it. Because they were jealous.

This is what Amanda Staveley told The Athletic’s George Caulkin in July last year when asked if the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham had made efforts to block the £300m deal.

The “absolutely devastated” and “angry” Dubai-based businesswoman gave an emotional interview just days after the Saudi-backed bid to buy Newcastle collapsed, however her comments on outside influences seem more relevant than ever just nine months later.

Why? Because the European Super League was concrete proof that the ‘big six’ want to remain exactly that.

They don’t want competition and won’t let any potential rivals eat at the same table as them – hence their push towards a closed-shop system that sees them secure huge payouts no matter how well they perform.

The ESL may well be dead and buried, but that doesn’t change what’s gone on here. These clubs want complete control and to form a cartel that guarantees them finances no one outside their bubble can compete with; hence why they saw a Saudi-backed NUFC as a major threat.

It was well documented last year that Liverpool and Spurs intervened, attempting to block a takeover that would’ve transformed us into one of the league’s most wealthy clubs.

The likes of Leicester, Everton, West Ham and Wolves have all threatened the ‘big boys’ in recent seasons, so the prospect of another contender was clearly not welcomed.

Ironically, the Premier League have helped create this beast that is the ‘big six’, yet it’s that animal that threatens to eat them alive. They’ve had too much power for too long, and revelations on the ESL only strengthen Staveley’s comments last year.

Some called it ‘sour grapes’ and an far-fetched conspiracy theory when she first spoke out against the ‘big six’ sides plotting against the Saudi-backed bid.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters also denied such claims at every opportunity, however events over the past week say everything you need to know about the power-hungry owners scared to lose their place at the top of the footballing food chain.

I have no doubt that big six clubs did their utmost to block a Saudi takeover at St James’ Park and sincerely hope that arbitration hearing helps prove that.

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4 thoughts on “Amanda Staveley quotes on failed Saudi takeover might just be listened to now…

  1. S.O.S – we need new ownership ASAP – before numpty Bruce brings in more players like Hendrick and Backslider Fraser

    We just need a MANAGER


  2. If the last few days have proven anything its that the Premier league is far from a level playing field and because these clubs have the nerve to bite the hand that feeds them just shows the lack of respect they have for the league and the teams within it. If the Premier league fail to impose fines or sanctions then it will be plain for the world to see exactly where the power of the Premier League lies. The PL and FA must act strongly to assert their position as the governing body, punish the owners for bringing the game in to disrepute and look towards the future to even out the playing field because its obvious to me these teams don’t want more financial powers in the league to threaten their positions which surely falls under the laws of anti competition. The whole system needs addressing to ensure fairness, equality and transparency to those who make the game what it is – the fans.


  3. Personally, I don’t think the prem lge will do anything to the top 6,as they are scared of them, they influenced the prem lge to block the Saudi takeover, corruption at its best, and they don’t even try to hide it.


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