Graeme Souness slaughtered after bottling it on Sky Sports – Absurd response to ‘big six’ crimes

Graeme Souness believes the ‘big six’ should NOT be punished following their sudden U-turn on the European Super League.

The Sky Sports pundit feels it would be unfair on the fans to suffer for something their billionaire owners have done – a point that doesn’t really stand up when you see how fans of several EFL clubs have had to suffer in recent times!

The self-proclaimed top dogs of English football have been protected for far too long. Why should they get away with it when they were within touching distance of grotesque power grab threatening to ruin competitive football, completely undermining the Premier League and risking the future of several clubs further down the food chain.

Here’s what Souness had to say after the ‘big six’ pulled out last night, shamelessly suggesting they should avoid points deductions, fines and European bans:

Here’s what fans had to say in response to the above post, with many hitting the nail on the head:

Jog on with this narrative now. They tried to put the other 14 out of business for the sake of a few more pound notes. It’s grotesque. Points docking or a UEFA ban at the very least, and they should all be made to donate heavily to the lower leagues.

Funny how he wasn’t so vocal when Wrexham, Leeds, Boston, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Rotherham, Luton, Bournemouth, Dagenham, Southampton, Stockport, Palace, Plymouth, Port Vale, Coventry, Bolton, Wigan, Birmingham and Sheffield Wednesday got points deductions.

Rubbish. All the punishments handed out the past ten years to smaller clubs whose owners were in the wrong and fans were innocent, yet now it’s not allowed as Mick the ‘top six’ fan might get a wobble on.

Did Wigan fans, bury, Bolton, Blackpool, Chester and Portsmouth deserve points deducted? How can the rich 6 be treated differently?

They have to be punished, it simply cannot be a one for them one rule for us system. My team will be relegated this season and most likely by under 6 points that the owners mismanagement has cost us with a points deduction. We have to own it so why shouldn’t they?

EPL “big 6” protection hypocrisy as per usual – different rules for them! What about Rangers fans when they got sent to the very bottom tier? Or the fans with multiple points deductions and relegations suffered by multiple clubs over the years? Or 14 years of Mike Ashley!

Was it the players & fans fault when Leeds, Portsmouth & Wigan entered administration & had points deducted? Was it Bury’s fans & players fault when they were liquidated? Was it English teams fault for the ban in 1985 because of the actions of 1 club? They need punishing, end of.

Absurd point of view. So when clubs go into administration and are deducted points who do you think suffers? This so called ‘Big 6’ should not be treated any different.

Just toeing the Anfield line. “Can’t take it out on the innocent fans and players” was always the get out strategy. It can’t hold up. They gambled big time, with everyone’s game. Lost, and must pay the price. Their intentions need punishing. Attempted serious crimes get time.

All football fans are equal, whether you support Morecambe or Manchester United, so why on earth should the entitled ‘big six’ get away with it when others have been punished heavily for far less?

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3 thoughts on “Graeme Souness slaughtered after bottling it on Sky Sports – Absurd response to ‘big six’ crimes

  1. But it’s ok for MUFC & LFC to punish the fans of NUFC by blocking their takeover….
    Double standards again…


  2. !0 million fine for each club involved and also the europa league cup for teams who qualify for it not another money maker for champions league teams who get knocked out of that cup – free entry into latter stages for more money making ! Hit them where it hurts in the pockets – and please banks call in all loans from them, seems Mancs are now in hock by almost a billion £££££. If it bankrupts Mancs Spuds etc great


  3. Typical of Souness, never sees the bigger picture. These 6 clubs hung out to dry the rest of the entire Football League for the sake of their own greed. These owners consulted no one except themselves, debating the monies they could make at expence of others. Totally self centred & should be heavily punished. Yes, it wasn’t Managers, players or fans fault but they should vent their anger at the owners of their clubs for any punishment administered.


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