Nick De Marco delivers warning to fans after European Super League crashes & burns in 48 hours

Every Toon fans favourite legal eagle has once again hit the nail firmly on the head and hopefully buried it deep in the psyche of football fans and authorities up and down the land.

Nick De Marco – the QC hired by Mike Ashley to solve the failed Saudi takeover – the ESL’s collapse, but fears that the fiasco may be a sign of things to come in the future.

Here’s what he posted on social media after news all of the ‘big six’ had pulled out:

That last line is true – they’ll try again. The PL need to come down hard. If they don’t come back with severe punishments they’ll all know they can try it again. But then again, Richard “Big Six” Masters is the man in charge, so it remains to be seen if any punishment is forthcoming.

My bet is that they’ll all get a little slap on the wrist and be told off for being ‘very naughty boys.’ That simply wouldn’t be good enough and they do deserve some kind of sanction put on them. In the case of the two Manchester’s, Liverpool and Chelsea I’d ban them from Europe next season.

After all didn’t they all think the Champions and Europa League wasn’t sufficient for their greedy needs? Well, let’s see how they cope next season without it. For me no amount of back pedalling or apologies can make up for what they tried to do.

As for Arsenal and Spurs? Don’t make me laugh! They weren’t going to make it anyway. One hasn’t got a manager and the other might find themselves without a one at the end of the season. “Big Six” in their own minds only and deserve any penalties thrown their way and I’m not talking about ones awarded on the pitch.

If you can be arrogant after the event then I’m arrogant. When the news story broke I just laughed and said it would never happen. Friends tried to persuade me otherwise by pointing out that it had been three years in the planning and look at the power behind it.

On Monday I wavered BUT then I thought no German teams, no Ajax and no PSG how could it possibly survive. Then the backlash started and I thought like many that the ESL only had days. Little did I know that it only had ours.

A friend of mine summed up our feelings this morning with this great post…

“In the end it was players, Supporters & greater Football authorities that stood up for their Communities, history & values that defeated these selfish-owners. They were left with no choice but to withdraw from breakaway European Super League.”

“Also without the support of Governments they stood to lose millions of pounds & their credibility. Clearly these owners lost their direction & moral compass blinded by greed unable to see bigger picture.”

“The breakup of the European not so Super League is a great day for Football fans at all levels of the game. Well done Gary Neville, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Jordan Henderson & Liverpool Players, Prince William, Boris Johnson & MP’s of all Parties.”

“Well done to Supporters of big six and other clubs in Premier League like Aston Villa, Everton & Burnley & other teams in the League pyramid system working together united for the good of the beautiful game. Thank you.”

You might not agree with him but I think he said it well. A massive own-goal by “The 12” and one that we all definitely had an assist in. Now, the dust will settle BUT will it mean “The 12” or another confabulation comes forward? Possibly or even probably.

This is why The PL and other Leagues must take heed of Nick De Marco’s words and put their houses in order to stop them from coming back with another attack.

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