New Saudi takeover theory emerges as journalist sends intriguing message to Jamie Reuben

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards wonders if the Premier League’s stance on a Saudi takeover may soften after being stabbed in the back by the ‘big six’.

This was a theory he posed to Jamie Reuben – who would be on the board at Newcastle United in the event of a takeover – after the European Super League collapsed on Tuesday night, with it reported that the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham requested that the Saudi-backed bid was blocked last year.

The son of the Reuben Brothers bidding for a 10% stake in NUFC hit out at the controversial ESL, taking a sigh of relief on social media when Chelsea pulled out.

This prompted an intriguing response from Edwards, which you can see in full below:

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but you’d hope the Premier League are MUCH more reluctant to protect the self-proclaimed top dogs against potential competitors – something an ambitious new Newcastle United could certainly be!

Edwards theory is one that would be welcomed on Tyneside, with many Toon fans wondering if the Super League saga could have a positive effect on our takeover hopes.

While that may be the case, the other side of the coin is whether the Premier League would be sceptical of adding another shark into the fish tank, who could end up making the “big six” a “big seven” in a few years time and become another problematic headache to deal with.

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4 thoughts on “New Saudi takeover theory emerges as journalist sends intriguing message to Jamie Reuben

  1. I find Luke’s comments intriguing, I’m not a fan of Richard Masters but I hope he does do exactly that, and soon. As far as the prospect of the big six becoming the big Severn, with Amanda Staveley at the helm, she understands the passion of the fans and the clubs history. I don’t think she would allow it to happen. If the takeover is going to happen, I’m hoping it’s going to be soon, so the club and team can prepare properly for the new season.


  2. The likes of Everton, Leeds, Wolves, Villa, West Ham and Newcastle need to be encouraged more than ever by the Premier League. They need to de-risk the greedy 6. The more the playing field is leveled the less power bank the greedy 6 have throwing their turnovers around. Its imbalanced and has been for a long time. You reap what you sow.

    Perez is deluded and greedy. Hes only interested in himself and Real. They want what the English clubs have… money revenues. They destroyed their own league now they want to consume the rest envious at the standard of the league here and its product. So break it up and take that revenue. Got to question the thoughts of the greedy 6 helping bail out the other so called big clubs in Europe that are struggling after their years of unsustainable spending. Its coming home to roost. Instead the English game will only get stronger along with the German league. What the english dont like is competition within their own leagues.


  3. Debt is the problem, cap the debt and any club exceeding it has transfer ban until debt reduced.


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