Watch Richard Masters’ awkward response when quizzed on NUFC, Saudi takeover & PL survival

“Well…err…they’re in the Premier League and they’ll be pleased about, but there’s nothing I can say about the takeover or any talks”

Premier League CEO Richard Masters didn’t have much to say when asked about the situation regarding the stalled Saudi takeover and us securing survival, but he looked anything but comfortable when speaking to Sky Sports reporter Bryan Swanson.

Watch his visibly uncomfortable response below:

He looks like he’s just been dragged through a hedge, struggles to get his words out when reacting to us avoiding relegation and refuses to give any update once again.

It’s not surprise to hear him keep his mouth zipped when it comes to the current state of play – he’s never offered any clarity over the past 18 months – however his awkward reaction has got NUFC fans and local reporters talking on social media.

Here’s what people have been saying, with some feeling he comments on our survival like a man wishes we’d been relegated so the matter was handed to the EFL!

The PGA Tour Must Adapt To LIV

Still can’t get over the angst of this. I feel awkward for him. The nervous, dry mouth lick of the lips. The bumbling, stumbling answer.

Whatever has gone on – and we’ve all got our theories – this is not a great look for the PL CEO. Just play it straight, man!

This is Richard Masters when asked a simple and straight forward question. Can you imagine him under scrutiny in a court of law?

He can’t say anything, however there’s a lot to be said for the way he stutters and stumbles over his words…

That is NOT the body language of a confident man.

Translation: “I’m fuming they are still in the premier league, i was hoping they would be relegated and this would not longer be my problem”

You don’t need to analyse. It’s quite clear. Body language will tell you everything about a person.

I’ve never seen someone look so uncomfortable before he was when asked! It’s still on the table as it is still named “the takeover “

The amount of stutters in that!…Imagine what he’ll be like in a court of law..

“They’ll be pleased”…….i.e. I’m not pleased.

Richard Masters fuming #NUFC have staved off relegation and this matter still lies at his door.

Guy has aged about 20 years.

Richard Masters really didn’t like that Takeover question from Sky did he. Looked annoyed if anything.

Who knows how the crucial arbitration hearing will pan out, but he isn’t exactly looking like a man full of confidence.

Here’s what he then had to say about fan protests in reaction to the European Super League plans put forward by the “big six”:

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4 thoughts on “Watch Richard Masters’ awkward response when quizzed on NUFC, Saudi takeover & PL survival

  1. There’s nothing wrong with his response. It’s a legal matter, he cannot disclose/discuss or answer questions pertaining to anything remotely related to the takeover. Once again the uneducated Nufc fans become become ridiculed by opposing supporters


  2. Olly – you really need to get a grip.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with his response. His demeanor doesn’t change at all from the beginning of the question to the end, he does not react to the subject matter at all, and he politely informs that he can’t say anything about it.


  3. Just like Amanda Stavley, Richard Masters can’t comment because legal actions underway and ND’As etc
    It will all come out in the wash, just be patient!


  4. Clutching at straws here, he gives the same bumbling response when responding to the fans protests.


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