A message to Mike Ashley & the 10,000 fans returning to St James’ Park tonight – Bruce out

Gaining 11 points since that dismal night at Brighton was a pleasant surprise. Scoring 4 goals away to third placed Leicester was impressive and our gutsy attempt to beat newly crowned Champions Manchester City heartening last Friday.

That said, being the manager of a team showing signs of improvement and choosing to slate the fanbase to boost your own ego on national radio is deplorable and is the reason that Steve Bruce’s job is untenable.

On Wednesday the 19th of May at 6pm, we will be hosting Sheffield United and will be allowed an allocation of 10,000 fans to witness the match live.

Out of all the tripe that Bruce spewed on TalkSport recently, the most interesting thing was the admittance that he may walk away if he felt that the “abuse” was too much and affected the team.

Not only that, both The Times’ Martin Hardy and The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards suggested last week that he could yet walk away with his ‘head held high’ this summer if he feels he’s on a hiding to nothing – starting with the return of fans when Sheffield United come to town.

Fans will arrive at St James’ Park happy to be back, eager to applaud the players and watch the likes of Willock and ASM in action, however many will also eager to get their message across to Mike Ashley and the manager.

Bruce doesn’t deserve abuse, he deserves the truth and he deserves retribution. Abuse implies that he is undeserving of a negative reaction – but that is simply untrue.

His TalkSport interview showed us all one very important thing: Bruce only cares about himself. He was given the opportunity after the Leicester match to positively change perceptions of himself.

If he absolutely had to talk to the media about Newcastle then he could have spoken with humility and humbleness. He could have recognised the faults of himself or the club and then set up an ambition to improve.

Instead of speaking positively, Bruce actively and consciously decided to make negative comments about fans, the club and our apparent accepted lot in life.

Steve Bruce will tell you that we’re aiming for more now we’re safe and looking ahead to next season, but, in reality, he’s spoken all year like a man content to satisfy Mike Ashley’s remit of ‘avoid relegation’. He isn’t a fan and he doesn’t care about what we want. He has used every opportunity he has had to bad mouth us and attempt to diminish our worth as a club.

Bruce’s interview last week has proven that no matter what happens, he is and always will be a negative element.

He now deserves to hear our response – and I have a feeling it could be key when it comes to Bruce’s desire to stay in the job and Mike Ashley’s willingness to stand by his man.

Those 10,000 fans need to show Bruce how unwanted he is and how is spiteful management will not be accepted. We’ll get told we’re ungrateful and toxic to be kicking up a fuss just a few days on from his manager of the month award, but this is about the big picture – which is a bleak one with Bruce at the helm.

Ashley is an awful disease on this club but we don’t have to accept the symptom that is Steve Bruce.

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2 thoughts on “A message to Mike Ashley & the 10,000 fans returning to St James’ Park tonight – Bruce out

  1. Having browsed through your so called article I have drawn the conclusion that you are just another idiot with a keyboard.


  2. No fan who publicly wants rid of the totally inept Bruce who doesn’t command respect, has admitted he ‘doesn’t do tactics’, slags off his own supporters, is happy to do the minimum to survive (as instructed by his boss) and has the worst win ratio and record of any Premiership manager, should be called an idiot.
    The only ‘idiots’ at this club are those who are happy to put up with, without complaint, the dross managers and staff appointments foisted upon us by an uncaring, greedy, unambitious and vindictive owner.


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