Jamie Reuben’s friend admits Saudi takeover ‘surprise’ in new message to the Premier League

In April last year, Jamie Redknapp appeared on Sky Sports News saying he’d spoken to the Reuben family – he is friends with Jamie – and was expecting a Saudi takeover at Newcastle United to be announced in a ‘matter of days’.

13 months later, he’s admitted he is “surprised” the £300m deal still hasn’t gone through.

He believes Mike Ashley is desperate to get out and believes it would be “perfect” for the Premier League if we saw an ambitious Newcastle United return to a scene that’s been dominated by the ‘big six’ for too long.

Here’s what Redknapp had to say when speaking on Sky Sports this week:

“I’m surprised the takeover still hasn’t happened.

“I’m sure Mike Ashley wants to get out of the club now.

“If they were to have that takeover and we see a Newcastle team that gets some investment and can have a real go, then that would be perfect for the Premier League.

“It’s been too long since Newcastle have been challenging at the top and buying the best players around.”

Interesting that he can say this just a few weeks after he was drooling over the job Steve Bruce has done to keep a capable squad in the division, but interesting that he seems surprised it’s not been passed by the Premier League.

As difficult as this is to read after what’s gone on over the past year, here’s a reminder of what Redknapp said when speaking about the Saudi bid back in April 2020:

“What I have heard is that it is just a matter of time (After speaking to the Reuben family).

I know the people that are involved in buying the club, the Reuben family, Jamie was involved with QPR for a while.

“I have spoken to Jamie [Reuben] about a number of things and he was confident about it. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get done.”

“I think for Newcastle fans, this is going to be great news.

I think right now they are just waiting because they don’t want to come out talking about astronomical numbers, but from what I can gather, it is just a matter of time.

They will invest, they want to buy big players and take Newcastle back to where it should be again.”

Let’s hope he and the Reubens were right after all and we do eventually get the ambitious new owners we’ve been patiently waiting for all this time.

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2 thoughts on “Jamie Reuben’s friend admits Saudi takeover ‘surprise’ in new message to the Premier League

  1. Not really news, still alot of speculation and journalists clambering for the takeover scoop of the century.

    My 2 guinea pigs know more than you..always thought you was a Mackem.


  2. 13 months later and we all know is to blame for this: Masters,Hoffman and that little cnut Gorilla Gloves


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