Agent Schar, Mbabu & the Euro 2020 striker NUFC should look at – Could players be scouts?

I was watching Wales v Switzerland on Saturday and a question entered my mind – could players be scouts?

It’s something that I have thought before and watching Fabian Schar playing well for the Swiss yesterday I thought I’d revive it.

On the subject of Schar, how good a goal would that have been by the NUFC centre-back? An incredible bit of skill and only a sensational save from Danny Ward prevented what surely would have been one of the goals of the tournament.

I thought Fab did okay and showed he’s got real quality about him. Also putting in a very solid performance was Kevin Mbabu, and I can’t help thinking we missed a trick there.

He didn’t play much in NUFC’s first-team but when he did he looked decent, pocketing Pedro in one game against Chelsea, and has obviously blossomed since leaving. In what is always one of the positions we seem to be looking to strengthen, perhaps we let a good one get away.

Sadly, he was sold by Rafa before Schar was brought to St James’ Park, but I’d like to think the former Basel defender would’ve had a word with Benitez had he arrived before Mbabu was flogged.

But back to my question. It was the goal and all-round performance from Breel Embolo that made me wonder if . He took his goal well and always looked a threat.

The Borussia Monchengladbach centre forward is valued at £16m and looked like the sort of striker we’d love to have playing alongside Callum Wilson.

Now, I’m not saying he’d be a success in the Premier League but we have a first-hand opportunity to enquire about his suitability with Schar being his national team-mate. Schar knows what it takes to succeed in the Premier and would be able to offer a valid opinion.

I’m not saying we have to act on his thoughts but surely any manager worth his salt would be asking his international players if they have any team-mates that might fit the bill. After all there’s not just Schar playing international football and that could be used as a scout.

What about Miggy out in Paraguay playing in World Cup qualifiers. Or Dubravka and Krafth both of them at The Euros with their respective countries. Just seems a route we might be able to tap into and explore.

I’m not saying we have to follow their thoughts or recommendations but they do see the players behind the scenes in training and also mix with them socially after games and training. With all of them knowing the Premier League perhaps it’s time to turn them into scouts as well as players.

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