What on earth is Lee Charnley doing?

Where is he? What is he doing? What happened to his 2019 promise to communicate much more with us fans?

These questions much asked and yet seldom answered! What on earth is going on at our beloved Club and it’s shambolic running and organisation. How can a Managing Director disappear from such a high-profile in the news organisation?

By the time many of you read this the 2021/22 fixtures, yet Lee “Lord Lucan” Charnley continues to be AWOL while we await updates or announcements on all of the following:

  • Season ticket renewals
  • Confirmed pre-season schedule
  • Retained list
  • Club accounts (late, as usual)
  • New kit sponsor for 2021/22 – never mind the actually jerseys!

Maybe it’s just the cynicism and scepticism that the Ashley era has sadly injected into us, but it already feels like we are a month or two behind every other club this summer as it does every summer.

Apparently Ashley is confident that the takeover will still take place this summer. This doesn’t excuse that the day to day running still has to be done properly and clearly isn’t. Maybe things are going on, but as ever we are anything but in the loop over pre-season and left to play guessing games on social media.

Since Mr Charnley’s statement back in August 2019, which promised better communication with fans moving forward, it has got worse if anything. Here’s a reminder of what he said:

Suh Coming Back to Detroit?

 “I accept we need to do more from a communication perspective moving forward.

There is certainly a need to communicate more as a club and to let fans know where we are heading collectively.”

You only have to look at Twitter to see what people think and feel about the man who supposedly runs our Club. It really is absolutely beyond belief. But then this is NUFC so is it.

I have heard that the accounts are not actually due to 30th June. It’s possible it’s some tactic to skew the finances the way Ashley wants in the public domain. Maybe he’s frightened a potential buyer (PCP or other) would have grounds to lower the sale price if the club has incurred losses.

Many have speculated that The Premier League doesn’t want NUFC to succeed or even survive unless it’s in its present format. Mind you, based on the way Ashley/Charnley are running it then perhaps they are more in cahoots with The PL than we think!

Who knows what’s going on with anything remotely takeover related, but it remains typical Charnley and NUFC we have been left in the dark regarding a host of basic matters most clubs updated fans on several weeks ago.

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3 thoughts on “What on earth is Lee Charnley doing?

  1. Charnley is no more than Ashley’s Monkey, that’s why he gets paid peanuts!
    Any decent capable director worth their salt wouldn’t get out of bed for what Ashley is paying him, that’s why he does S.F.A


  2. Charnley is the perfect employee for Ashley, he does everything his master asks of him.

    our reduction in off field revenue and sponsorship tells us everything we need to now about the get up and go of this bloke.


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