Benitez banners spotted at Goodison as Everton fans send ’embarrassing’ message to ex-NUFC boss

A host of vulgar Rafa Benitez banners have been pictured outside of Goodison Park on Thursday night – offering the clearest indication yet that the former Newcastle United boss is not welcome at Everton.

It may be the minority on Merseyside who’ve taken it too far, however it’s fair to say news of the Spaniard’s seemingly imminent appointment has not gone down well at all amongst Blues fans on social media.

Whether it’s his Liverpool links, previous comments about Everton, style of play or that dubious spell in China, it seems his likely arrival has tipped a few Toffees fans over the edge.

See the banners outside Goodison Park below, followed by a host of reactions to his potential arrival:

“This is so embarrassing.”

“Like it or not, you’d like to think it’ll get the message across…”

“Wording is possibly a tad strong, but the message is clear and actions like banners and social media trends are all the fans can do at this point to get their point across. The man contradicts Everton, if you take away the Liverpool connection, he’s a washed-up has been.”

“Terrible behaviour. We slate that lot across the park for far less. Embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing behaviour. Will likely end up with Duncan Dinosaurnand get relegated all because Rafa said something 11 years ago….”

“Rafa you have helped loads people in the city through your foundation and I want to apologise for this. A selection of our fans are part of a rotten core that sits at centre of the club. Unfortunately this core is fueled by actions of our hopeless board.”

“What ever way anyone tries to spin Benitez you can’t get past the fact that he’s a downgrade on Ancelotti. At least other managers bring something different to the table, he’s just a ****** version of a manager who’s football we weren’t overly keen on anyway.”

“Just give it to Ferguson. If it’s a popularity contest for the next manager, he fits the bill. He did well when he had the chance previously. Not a big name and won’t likely attract anyone, but he’ll please the majority.”

Struggled at Newcastle (ask their fans) and been hugely ineffective in China. Plays defensive football. Never done an Everton type job before.

Again, these banners don’t speak for every Everton fan, but this is a pretty despicable move against a man who has done so much good for the city of Liverpool.

If this is how he’ll be treat, he deserves better.

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One thought on “Benitez banners spotted at Goodison as Everton fans send ’embarrassing’ message to ex-NUFC boss

  1. Yeah – it’s just not on, is it, fans being abusive simply because the manager once managed their biggest local rivals.
    That would never happen with Newcastle fans ….. oh, hang on…..


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