Andros Townsend hits nail on the head before Simon Jordan butts in with Mike Ashley question – Video

Andros Townsend was on TalkSport recently and reminded me of why I liked him and didn’t hold any ill will to him after he left.

Rather than follow in Simon Jordan’s footsteps and defend Bruce, have a pop at a long-gone Benitez or question the expectations of us Toon fans, the former NUFC winger explained why we have every right to expect more from our underachieving club.

Watch what he had to say here:

Skating around the regular old tosh Simon Jordan had to say – notice he buts in with a random Mike Ashley questions just as Townsend is making a very valid point – it was really refreshing to hear someone speak about the club in such high regard.

Townsend is currently without a club, and while I don’t believe he would be an upgrade on any of current first team, he is certainly someone I wouldn’t complain about if he were to sign for the club again.

While we are stuck in this rut of Ashley and Bruce, the likes of Townsend, who see the potential of our club and wish us better, are needed to push our players to achieve more than 17th place. Sure, they wouldn’t light up the place on a daily basis but well-meaning players could keep us afloat longer than a batch of lazy mercenaries could.

Just in this quote “You want your team to do better, it’s right of the fans to expect that”, Townsend makes a mockery of the negative fools who goad and insult our fanbase whenever given the opportunity.

Townsend was only with us for a short while and we were even relegated in that time period, but he clearly understood and understands what we could be. Hopefully, some day in the future, we won’t be waiting on the likes of Townsend to speak out for us because our football will do the speaking. Until then: Thank you, Andros for speaking sense.

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3 thoughts on “Andros Townsend hits nail on the head before Simon Jordan butts in with Mike Ashley question – Video

  1. I used to like Simon Jordan but he’s becoming a bigger mouth and very obnoxious. Townsend would do us a job, if Murphy left but I cannotnsee that happening.


  2. You’re hilarious!

    Now you’re having a go at Jordan just for asking a simple question?

    What’s next, have a go at him for questions he DIDN’T ask?


  3. Newcastle such a massive club he left us for Palace.

    I wonder if he thinks they should be a top half team. Yet he says something nice and numpties lap it up.

    Wouldn’t thank you for him & certainly wouldn’t swap Murphy for him.


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