Richard Keys releases pathetic new Rafa Benitez claims in desperate move to off-out Everton

I don’t know what Rafa Benitez did to Richard Keys in a previous life, but it must’ve been pretty bad as his hatred towards the former Newcastle United boss is both bizarre and obsessive.

In his latest post on his personal blog, he’s managed to turn a piece about Gareth Southgate’s England hopes into a rant against Rafa – which states that he ‘conned’ Newcastle United fans during his time on Tyneside.

Keys claims that the Spaniard is the most ‘ruthlessly selfish’ manager the Premier League has ever seen, insisting that he sold Newcastle fans the dream by creating a ‘phoney war’ with Mike Ashley that he ‘knew he would never win’.

This comes as Benitez closes in on the Everton job, with widespread reports now claiming that he will be appointed at Goodison Park at some point this week – despite Blues fans threatening the 61-year-old with ‘we know where you live’ banners outside his family home.

Here’s what Keys has had to say about it all in his latest blog post:

Meanwhile Farhad Moshiri continues to take us all for fools. He and Alisher Usmanov, who’s really got the money, want Rafa Benitez as their next manager at Everton. They’ve done what all govts do when they have to bad news to announce – they leak over a period of time hoping that everybody will get used to the idea of what’s going to happen – so when it does the reaction won’t be as bad.

Evertonians are growing used to the idea that the PL’s most ruthlessly, selfish, ambitious individual will be their next manager – so I suppose the plan has worked to some degree. But the real issues are once again beneath the surface. It will end in tears. Benitez will once again pursue his own agenda – while wrapping it up as ‘in the club’s best interests’. That’s how he managed to con the paying customers at Newcastle – by creating a phoney war with Mike Ashley that he knew he would never win. When the time came – he left – for a ‘long term’ project in China.

Never mind that he managed Liverpool. His best days are long since behind him – and for me there are many better options. Moshiri has badly mis-judged this one. It’s not the die-hard Evertonian that he’s ****** off – it’s hard working staff at the club who don’t want to work with Benitez – and worse – legends from different eras at Goodison – who’ve recently been saying to me ‘I’m done’. That’s sad. That’s deeply sad. Trust me – it won’t be long before Moshiri is looking for the seventh manager he’s employed since arriving at the club. In many ways – this is going to prove a ‘costly‘  mistake.

I’d love to know who Keys thinks would be a better appointment. His mate ‘Brucie’, perhaps? You know, since he’s such a good manager who has done so brilliantly at Newcastle United…

For anyone who missed his desperate ramblings a few weeks ago, here’s what the banished Bein Sports host had to say about Rafa earlier this month:

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4 thoughts on “Richard Keys releases pathetic new Rafa Benitez claims in desperate move to off-out Everton

  1. Hilarious that these fools take themselves so seriously.
    Keyes needs to watch out for stray pins or he will be whizzing round the room psssssssssssst.


  2. Keys is a prick, but he has a point on Benitez at Newcastle, he did create a phoney war with Ashley and went crying to the press about how hard done he was.

    Never seen a manager play the fans with false promises that could never be achieved and then use it as an excuse to bail for the money in China and have the fans feeling sorry for him.

    He is yesterday’s man, Everton are welcome to him


  3. I don’t know what Richard Keys did to Olly Hawkins in a previous life, but it must’ve been pretty bad as his hatred towards the former Sky Sports presenter is both bizarre and obsessive.

    The word “pathetic” is possibly the most over-used word in your blog headlines, Olly. It invariably gets pulled out of the drawer when some pundit of some kind says either something positive about Ashley or Bruce, or something negative about Toon fans or Rafa.

    Have you ever considered that Richard Keys, Simon Jordan, Rio Ferdinand et al, who socialise with player, managers, owners and agents every day of their lives, might possibly know a little more about the subject than fans who get their info from browsing the internet?

    I appreciate you have to play to the ignorant masses, but this is getting a bit silly.


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