Sir Bobby Robson’s 11 golden nuggets of advice – A must-watch for NUFC fans

This is such a wonderful watch as it takes Lady Elsie less than two minutes to show the world why her late husband was so revered in the football world. Fitting that it’s 11 statements of wisdom from Sir Bobby which I’m sure was quite deliberate.

Before I say anymore about the great man, you can watch the brilliant clip for yourselves below:

Simply put, there are so many of today’s managers that would do well to follow these “Golden Nuggets” during their careers and especially any new managers starting out on their journey as a boss.

Indeed, if I were an FA Official with any clout I’d be falling over myself trying to make this a compulsory video to send to any new and aspiring managers. It would and is far more worthy and prevalent than any coaching manual that could be sent or read.

There are two things that I like about this. Well, actually there are a lot more, but two things in particular. Firstly, the way Lady Elsie reads them and concludes the reading. Clearly the admiration, love and respect for her husband both as a manager and a person come shining through.

Secondly I urge you to look closely at each statement. Hardly rocket science is it? But every one of them is a gem, makes so much impact and are beautiful simple examples of why IMHO common sense is one of the greatest virtues we can all hold.

There are many in there that we may have even said ourselves. Perhaps not in the exact same format but definitely with the same sentiment and they all ring true and resonant superbly with me.

Not just in footballing terms either. There are lessons there that could help managers and people in all walks of life have a better experience at this one-shot thing called “life.” It’s like Sir Bobby is teaching us all a few lessons we’d be foolish not to soak in and install in our daily doings!

When you see things like this it shows why Sir Bobby was such a great person and superb manager. Some said he lacked tactical initiative. BUT if you were a player and your manager said such things to you, you’d be prepared to run through brick walls for him I’m sure.

Remember Sir Bobby basically taught Jose Mourinho every thing he knows and if Alan Shearer talks about him in such reverent terms then who I’m I to disagree? Remember Shearer went from the bench under Guillit to five-goal starter in Sir Bobby’s famous 7 – 0 debut Toon win.

If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is! Plus, I challenge you to find one person in football and indeed elsewhere that has ever said a bad word about Sir Bobby. A realist, a motivator, a passionate football man and one that is much missed especially around the halls of St. James’.

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