Saudi takeover letter receives response – but results in idiotic abuse from certain NUFC fans

Labour MP Tracey Crouch has responded to Amanda Staveley’s letter calling for the arbitration case to be held in public, while blasting idiotic Toon fans for “shouting” at her on social media.

The MP for Chatham & Aylesford is chairing a fan-led review into how football is governed in the aftermath of the European Super League fiasco. This prompted Staveley to write an email to her demanding that our imminent arbitration case against the Premier League should be heard in the public domain.

Crouch responded this morning, citing that she doesn’t hold any power to intervene on the takeover, (Oliver Dowden is the Secretary of State for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport) and that she is merely voluntarily outlining a report for the government’s discretion:

This is her reply in full:

“Dear Amanda

“Thank you for your email letter regarding the takeover of Newcastle United FC.

“As part of the fan-led Review into football governance I, along with the panel, have heard 100 hours of oral submission from fan groups and others and certainly from fan representatives the lack of transparency in decision making has been a recurring theme. Newcastle United Supporters Trust gave an excellent account on behalf of fans at the club and its content has been noted and will now be considered as I begin to formulate my recommendations.

“However, the Review, and my chairmanship of it, is separate to Government and my involvement in issues that are occurring now is, I am afraid, beyond my jurisdiction. The Review will set out a future path for football building on both the success and failings of current structures. I must therefore counsel that if you require intervention in the proposed takeover of Newcastle United you must redirect your request to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden and/or the Minister of Sport Nigel Huddleston.

“”I have been contacted on email and social media but hundreds of Newcastle fans. Sadly, I am unable to reply to them all but would like to thank them for getting in touch. If you are successful in your bid, you will gain an impressive, passionate fan base who care deeply about their Club. It is the nation’s football fan base that stretches from non-league to Premier League that makes English Football the best in the world and why we on the panel are determined to make recommendations that protect it for the long-term future.”

She also hit out at desperate Toon trolls abusing her on Twitter while pushing for knowledge on the takeover, saying she is not “passing the buck” when she does not have “any powers to intervene”.

This is what she tweeted in response to a section of supporters bizarrely taking their frustrations out on her:

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One thought on “Saudi takeover letter receives response – but results in idiotic abuse from certain NUFC fans

  1. Hardly surprising when you see some of the other ‘fan’ comments published on other sites. I’m sure half of those (at least) quoted from Twitter etc must be teenagers as they are as dumb as rocks.
    No one can intervene or get involved when legal proceedings are ongoing!


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