Amanda Staveley says Saudi takeover “will” go through in live appearance on talkSPORT – Video

An enraged Amanda Staveley got into a heated battle with talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan live on air while discussing her attempts to revive our failed Saudi takeover.

Arbitration proceedings are expected to begin imminently to decide the fate of a takeover that has sat in limbo for the best part of 15 months.

Staveley has been doing the media rounds to rally the Toon Army for one last push, and appeared on talkSPORT with Jim White and Simon Jordan – ending the interview with a hugely promising message to NUFC fans.

Jordan labelled Staveley calling on fans to pressure politicians into intervening on a decision as “barking at the moon”, and instead suggested that she needs to get at least 14 Premier League clubs on board to change the regulations around transparency.

Staveley then fired back and the former Crystal Palace owner for calling our fanbase “gullible” for thinking the takeover will still go ahead, and passionately insisted that the deal WILL go ahead once arbitration is finalised.

Listen to the five minute exchange here, with her brave message to Toon fans coming in the final 60 seconds of the interview:

5 thoughts on “Amanda Staveley says Saudi takeover “will” go through in live appearance on talkSPORT – Video

  1. To Simon

    “You’re not pro our Deal ” no denial from him

    Simon “Gullible fans” loves us doesn’t he

    Simon “are the Saudis still there—no reply followed by Amanda “We are all there”

    He really is a bitter ex owner, and will be gutted if this goes through


  2. She didn’t sound very convincing at all. I hope I’m wrong but I think this takeover talk is just to take the heat off Ashley


  3. I don’t see what she’d gain from publicly saying things that aren’t true, it’s obvious she’s still in contact with the proposed owners and can’t say too much due to Arbitration and a non disclosure agreement. Simon Jordan has gone down in my estimation, he now appears to be another mouthpiece who can slate and pour massive doubt on a takeover which cannot defend itself due to agreements about said takeover. Suppose its there way of saying “I’m still here, and until the takeover goes through I’m right in everything I say and write” had enough of the journalists and football people having a pop at Newcastle.


  4. Simon asked a very clear question at the beginning of that exchange, a question that held a lot of relevance.

    Amanda stuttered through her reply and tried to deflwct just like a good spin Doctor would do, but with less conviction and assurance.

    Not convinced at all.


  5. Gullible oh my god he really is a poor presenter.he must be turning so many people away from for one.only watch from other blogs.didnt he fail at palace stupid arrogant southerner


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