Saudi takeover bid suffers major blow as hearing is postponed – Official statement

Some crushing news has emerged from the club this evening, confirming Newcastle United’s takeover hearing with the Premier League has been adjourned to early 2022, due to issues with the disclosure of evidence.

Arbitration was due to begin this month in Mike Ashley’s legal battle against the EPL, however this devastating development means we could now be stuck in limbo for at least another five months.

Ultimately, this now means that Mike Ashley will now remain owner of Newcastle United for the 2021/22 season – unless he decides to ditch the Saudis and sell to someone else instead.

Here’s the official statement that’s arrived from the club on tonight:

The parties attended a hearing today in the case between Newcastle United and the Premier League.

The main hearing of the arbitration has regrettably now been adjourned until early 2022 due to issues with the disclosure of evidence.

The parties will be making no further comment at this time.

Just when we thought we were about to get a final decision one way or another this summer, we get this!

So, Mike – Time to spend some money to keep us up in the meantime while he waits for the Saudis, or forget the PIF and find new buyers ASAP.

What a complete and utter mess.

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2 thoughts on “Saudi takeover bid suffers major blow as hearing is postponed – Official statement

  1. So this looks like a deliberate tactic to wait until the last moment and then use this issue. What I can’t understand is why delay until next bloody year? Surely these people only need a month or two? What do they need to do which would take six or more months?


  2. It looks like marsters and the pl have payed back the top six and done what Ashley has been doing to the club for years, well and truly fucked now , not long before we’re playing the black cats again,it seems the only thing marsters and the pl are looking out is themselves !!!


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