Bruce targeting triple deal with £10m budget – but is he making a massive mistake?

To say we NUFC fans need some good news would be an understatement, and a good start would be a few new signings – especially now we know Mike Ashley WILL be in charge for at least the first half of the 2021/22 season.

The Mail’s Craig Hope, a man in the know even if he has been ostracised, reckons we’re targeting two midfielders and a CB this summer.

It would appear the midfielders may well be loans – Willock and Gallagher are the two names being linked – but it’s reported Bruce has just £10m to spend.

The signing of another CB would freshen up our ageing backline and the addition of some much needed energy and dynamism in midfield is essential, but I feel like it would be a HUGE gamble not to sign another striker. For me, this is the most important area to strengthen this summer.

Wilson is class and scores goals as well as being a great outlet for the team. However, injury issues mean we’re over reliant on him and with no backup we’d be lost without him.

Look at the state of our alternatives. Gayle, another potential sick note that’s not PL level and in all honesty looks a bit huffed as if he doesn’t want to be there.

Carroll has also left, surely leaving space for another striker to arrive? And no, that doesn’t mean Muto can be seen as a ‘new signing’ now he’s back from an usuccesful loan spell in Spain. The Japanese international clearly isn’t up to it at this level and needs moving on.

Joelinton. I’m not going to knock him as I think he’s improving as a PL player but he’s clearly not a striker or at least one that we can rely on for the 10 – 15 goals a season we need.

Bruce’s budget isn’t big, but there’ll be a loan deal or free agent striker out there who’d do better than the above surely. Goodness I’d even, right now, consider Pappis Cisse before all of the above except Wilson.

Now we’re stuck with Mike Ashley for at least another six months, someone somewhere needs to wake the likes of Charnley and any cronies he has and get active before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “Bruce targeting triple deal with £10m budget – but is he making a massive mistake?

  1. We desperately need to get Gayle off our books, he is a total waste of space!
    Would prefer Muto, at least he has some energy and that’s saying something, don’t think he was ever given a decent run in the team.


  2. How is muto clearly not up to standard? With his limited chances, I remember he scored at Old Trafford. Wtf has joelinton done given the number of opportunities that his performance has not merited
    If anyone is clearly not up to standard, its him :mrgreen:


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