Plans revealed for St James’ Park protest at Newcastle vs West Ham – Initial statement here

*An initial statement from Toon For Change ahead of St James’ Park protest on August 15th, 12pm*

Exactly two weeks until the new season begins and our future is still up in the air. It is the fans that are yet again left in the dark and we have had enough.

After 15 months, the Premier League have not made a decision on the future of Newcastle United. The Premier League continues to use delay tactics and ignore us. Mike Ashley continues to do the bare minimum with little investment in the playing squad or infrastructure.

Ahead of the West Ham game, we will give the Premier League and Ashley no option but to engage with fans in an open, honest and transparent way.

Fans are encouraged to join us at 12pm on Sunday 15th August between the Milburn Reception and Players’ Entrance for our first action.

Bring your voices, flags, banners! This is just the start and further details will be announced.

Thank you to everyone that has already been in touch to offer their support.

Please help us spread the message with as many people as possible. It is time to fight for the future of our club, it is now or never.

About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan, he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC!

4 thoughts on “Plans revealed for St James’ Park protest at Newcastle vs West Ham – Initial statement here

  1. Why is Ashley going to invest in our club when he’s desperate to sell it. If you were selling your house would you bung loads of money at it, no one would. As for the Premier League it was the government that blocked any deal because of Kashoggi’s wife and public opinion. A protest is valiant but futile.


  2. Pathetic and they want to be ashamed of themselves.

    Heard Simon Jordan ask a Spurs fan a very serious and fair question. I’ll reword it for our benefit –

    If Mike Ashley said to all the fans saying it’s our club & he should be investing more money into saving it – when it’s clear he doesn’t want it .. what would the same fans say if he trebled the season ticket prices, but guaranteed to use that extra money on buying players???.

    It’s the first game of the season & you can go back into the ground & cheer your team on!!.

    A real set of fans would be organising a memorial for all toon fans who didn’t survive COVID – but why waste time on that when we can stamp our feet, shout and swear.

    We are the loyalist football supporters, the world has ever had!! B0LL0CKS!!


  3. A 2 month old boy has bigger Bollocks than Newcastle fans, jellyfish these days, let Ashley do what he wants! You lot have let him rip the **** out of you for 15 years!


  4. Here we go again, bunch of clueless stroppy bairns looking for something to do now they are allowed out to play.
    “Ahead of the West Ham game, we will give the Premier League and Ashley no option but to engage with fans”. Really? You’ll give them no option? And how do you plan to do that?
    Ashley will do what he has always done. He’ll sit in his mansion watching everything unfold on TV, big fat cigar in one hand, gin and tonic in the other, laughing at the plebs.
    If the fans feel so strongly about the club why are there half a dozen different tiny protest groups? Why don’t they all just put their egos aside and actually join together to make one decent sized movement?
    There will be a few hundred turn out. They’ll go to the match, then have a few beers and then kid themselves that they actually made a difference.
    These protests have been going on for years now and what have they actually achieved?
    Nothing. Because they are completely disorganised.
    Newcastle United? These fans couldn’t even spell “united”.


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