John Barnes says Newcastle fans to blame if Bruce’s NUFC are in another relegation battle…

The more I hear from John Barnes, the less I want to hear from John Barnes.

In his latest interview regarding Newcastle, Barnes discusses us as fans, our relationship with the club at present and the prospect of fans returning to St James’ Park ahead of the 2021/22 season.

This line was my personal favourite for all the wrong reasons:

“How well they (NUFC) do depends on the fans…If they don’t support the team it could be another relegation battle.”

That’s right folks. Any relegation battle will be down to us this season, not Steve Bruce, Mike Ashley or anyone else. Us.

For balance, one thing that Barnes correctly touched on is that Bruce would have been obliterated last season for the awful displays we put in.

Bruce was keen throughout the season to throw in as many excuses as he could, and even went as far as criticising social media reactions about him.

The truth is, if Bruce had been putting those displays in while we were there, the atmosphere would have been beyond toxic and he would have deserved it.

Barnes is right to note that the atmosphere would have been bad but he is wrong to put any blame of that on us.

He says “If the fans were there booing them it would make a bigger impact. When they were close to the bottom three and looked like they might go down, had the fans been there it could have worked against them.”

Miguel Cabrera

I’m sorry, but this is lunacy. Fan reactions don’t just come out of nowhere and it’s an absolutely baffling take to claim that fans would make some of the worst performances and results seen during our time in Premier League even worse!

Where does the apt blame come in, there? The manager and his poor coaching team were clearly solely to blame for our terrible results. The results couldn’t have been worse at one stage last season! If anything, fans might’ve spurred the players on to do some good!

Also, let’s be real, we might have successfully chased out this sham manager stealing a living. The results would have continued if we didn’t bring in a coach who actually had some idea about football; Callum Wilson basically confirmed this!

Covering old ground, but this really is the worst quote from Barnes – “How well they do depends on the fans If they don’t support the team it could be another relegation battle.”

How on Earth can he come to this conclusion? We found ourselves struggling against relegation last year because of Bruce and Bruce alone.

The fans were not there and we generally struggled. The fans were not there and Bruce fell out with players and the media. The fans were not there and Bruce blamed the fans.

This is an absolutely rotten take by Barnes and he needs to open his eyes to the real problems at Newcastle. Simply passing comment on how bad Ashley is doesn’t allow you throw blame at the only constants at the club.

At no point should we see any sort of blame for the state of the club and to suggest any is insulting.

Ashley is the disease, yes, but Steve Bruce is a rotten symptom. The fans are sick and we are allowed to bemoan it.

7 thoughts on “John Barnes says Newcastle fans to blame if Bruce’s NUFC are in another relegation battle…

  1. Can’t remember the last time the fans picked the team and set out the tactics John , that’s all down to master tactician Stevie boy, put him in charge of Man city and they would be fighting relegation every season.


  2. Another pundit getting it wrong, so is he saying that if the fans aren’t happy the players don’t play well, surely Barnes should know as an ex pro that the players are supposed to give the fans something to shout about. The game is getting ridiculous, players beyond criticism and fans made to look like idiots because we don’t applaud awful football. It’s easy to criticise the paying public, never bite the hand that feeds you!!


  3. He probably means if the Toon Army get behind the team we’re the 12th man and can influence the flow of the game. It’s difficult though when you’re watching such garbage all the time. Pundits are dumb and chosen for their ill informed views to make even bigger fools of fans. Trust me it’s not like this in other countries.


  4. John Barnes was one of the best footballers I ever got to watch growing up – his footballing abilities were only surpassed by his rapping – which is still one of my most favourite tunes!!.

    But he’s got this epically wrong. How many fans turned out for the friendly against Norwich – and really got behind the players – so said Bruce & players. The fans get behind the team when it performs – I say performs over wins because we just want to see our team working hard & trying to win.

    If Bruce does not deliver at least that, then fans have ever right to let them know.


  5. Oh – so the fans don’t make a difference then?
    Happy to take the plaudits when the atmosphere is great, but when we’re booing players and shouting for the manager to be sacked that has no effect?
    Interesting slant on things.
    “The manager and his poor coaching team were clearly solely to blame for our terrible results.”
    So our results and run were not at all influenced by COVID, injuries or even by the players themselves?
    Check which players were out for which games before you answer that.
    To paraphrase a not so great writer of our times, “The more I read Jonny Dawson, the less I want to read Jonny Dawson”


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