Journalist close to Steve Bruce issues damning transfer update as Mike Ashley pleads poverty

If Saturday’s performance against Southampton wasn’t bad enough, a potentially devastating transfer update has arrived just a few hours after the 2-2 draw at St James’ Park.

According to The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards – a journalist believed to be close to Steve Bruce – there is now a ‘growing possibility’ that Newcastle won’t even make a loan signing between now and next Tuesday’s transfer deadline.

He claims that the key reason is because “the club are saying there isn’t money to do it”, meaning Mike Ashley is pleading poverty once again – despite the fact his wealth went up by almost £800m over the past year.

So, our absent owner is not only hiding behind the failed Saudi takeover as an excuse not to spent, but also the global pandemic – which has apparently hit us harder than every other Premier League club…

Here’s what Edwards has had to say in a damning Saturday night update for NUFC fans:

Let’s hope Mr. Ashley hears of the anti-Bruce chants, sees today’s one-sided match stats, Wilson hobbling off and the fact we’ve picked up no wins in four in all competitions so far.

Maybe then he’ll realise it might be worth paying a loan fee or two to give our squad – and fanbase – the end of window boost it so badly needs.

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2 thoughts on “Journalist close to Steve Bruce issues damning transfer update as Mike Ashley pleads poverty

  1. Perhaps the smug Rio Ferdinand might reconsider his past stupid comments about Ashley, Bruce and Newcastle fan base, when his old club can splash the cash like there is no tomorrow on Ronaldo a 36 year old!
    We can’t even get someone on loan.


  2. Come on Olly – you’ve been doing this long enough to know that the owner’s personal wealth has nothing to do with transfers.
    You’re sounding a bit desperate there, resorting to that old chestnut.
    Newcastle United FC is a stand-alone venture and he stated this as soon as he took over. Remember the old “wipe it’s own nose” quote?
    No businessman in his right mind ploughs personal funds into a business if he doesn’t feel he needs to.
    Then of course there’s the clickbait headline, which you try to justify by dropping a casual “believed to be” into the text.
    I always think that there is already plenty facts flying around to take the mick out of Ashley and co without resorting to clichés and clickbait.


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