Simon Jordan exposes Mike Ashley – Claims deadline day lies being spread after transfer U-turn

Simon Jordan has made a mockery of Mike Ashley’s refusal to sign Hamza Choudhury on deadline day – a deal that was described as ‘done’ at one stage on Tuesday morning.

Speaking on talkSPORT about our disastrous end to the summer transfer window, he claims to know a few details about our failed ‘attempt’ to sign the Leicester City midfielder on loan.

Despite The Telegraph eventually being briefed that we weren’t able to afford the loan fee and couldn’t pay his wages in full, Jordan says ‘there wasn’t a loan fee’ – suggesting Leicester put it on a plate for us – and that his pay packet was “a lot less” than the £60,000 being reported.

As a result, he believes it’s now abundantly clear Mike Ashley doesn’t want to put a penny of his own money into a club he wants out of, feeling Bruce’s position may be untenable as a result.

Watch what he had to say on talkSPORT below:

“There wasn’t a loan fee, the wages weren’t £60,000-a-week. It was even less than that. It was a lot less than that.

“You’re moving into a territory where Mike Ashley… I don’t think he wants to put a penny into Newcastle. He wants Newcastle to be entirely self-sufficient.

“Since the pandemic, Newcastle haven’t turned a profit. Steve has moved from a difficult position to an almost untenable one.  

“You’ve got to back your manager. Defensively and midfield-wise, they’re lightweight.

They haven’t got the legs, they got ripped apart by West Ham and got overran by Southampton in the second half.  

“If you’re a manager who wants a player, a good player, and you can get him for comparatively lightweight Premier League wages, what are you saying to the manager and the fans (if you don’t get him)?” 

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2 thoughts on “Simon Jordan exposes Mike Ashley – Claims deadline day lies being spread after transfer U-turn

  1. So having slagged the bloke off for months, are we willing to listen to him now because he’s having a go at Ashley?

    An as for Ashley wanting the club to be self sufficient isn’t that what he said within weeks of taking over? Something about the club wiping it’s own nose?


  2. Choudhury was Bruce’s choice – not Jones or the scouting team – and after the only 2 other of Bruce’s player’s (Hendrick and Fraser) the NUFC Board decided that another Winger wasn’t what we were missing = the Hendrick is lucky to get on the bench!!

    Let’s get some players brought through!

    We’ve got some brilliant players in the first team but are lacking Direction = WE NEED A MANAGER

    As even if we’d brought in Messi – what’s the point as he’d be on the bench until the 89th minute!

    Let’s face it Ashley just doesn’t want to pay off a Numpty millions for FAILURE and it’s that penny pinching that will see us relegated


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